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Solid Access Technologies, LLC

Solid Access provides an ultra fast, high reliability, no limitations DRAM Solid State Disk storage device with only 10 microseconds latency, where execution speed determines success or failure. With performance of 300K Random IOPS and sustained 3,600 MB/s bandwidth, Samsung Securities has deployed 28 Solid Access USSD 200 units for a market data processing solution.

USSD 200

The USSD 200 is a DRAM SSD I/O Accelerator, Ultra-Fast storage device. I/O acceleration is achieved in applications by off-loading I/O-demanding files ("hot files", typically less than 5% of the content) onto an SSD for processing at RAM speed and using mechanical disks (or RAIDs) to process the remaining "cold files". This instantly improves the efficiency of the application servers by recovering CPU cycles formerly lost in I/O wait loops. The USSD 200 has a 2U rack mount form factor, a maximum storage capacity of 256 GB and supports up to 3.6 GB/s aggregated bandwidth via multiple FC links. The capacity can be scaled up by linking USSD devices in 19" rack cabinets. USSD supports several connectivity options, including 320 MB/s SCSI-3 Ultra-Wide LVD, 3 Gb/s SAS and 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel interfaces. Connectivity can be rapidly modified and adapted to your data center's evolving requirements. USSD supports resource leveraging where multiple host computers share USSD capacity. It is an ideal resource in switched fabric environments (SAN) for processing frequently accessed data. USSD is a plug-and-play device that appears as a conventional SCSI or Fibre Channel disk drive to the host computer's operating system and supports all major operating systems. The new USSD 200 includes expanded USSD management utilities, including SNMP. Reliability is assured by USSD's sole use of standard industry components of proven performance and reliability and its assembly by a world-class, ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer-integrator. Features include: Hot swappable redundant power supplies (2 Power Input Sources); redundant fans; up to 4 hot swappable data retention HDDs; Error Detection/Correction (64 bytes dedicated per 512 bytes sector); Chipkill. USSD is covered by a two year warranty. The USSD 200 works in conjunction with both the Alpha and Itanium-based versions of OpenVMS.

Company contact

Solid Access Technologies, LLC
9 Spring Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
» Solid Access Technologies website

Chas Chesler
Director of Sales