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case preservation in command-line arguments

The Compaq C RTL supports case preservation in file names (ALPHA ONLY)
Programs linked against the Compaq C run-time library DECC$SHR can now preserve the case of file names on ODS level 5 disks. This applies when creating or reporting file names. By default, this feature is disabled. To enable this feature enter the following command:


The following related feature logical name can also be enabled:


File names that are in all uppercase are converted to lowercase when the name is reported in UNIX style. For file names that are not in all uppercase, case is preserved.

The commands to disable the preceding logical-name settings are:


When enabled, DECC$EFS_CASE_SPECIAL overrides the value of DECC$EFS_CASE_PRESERVE.

The DECC$EFS_CASE_PRESERVE and DECC$EFS_CASE_SPECIAL logicals are checked only once per image activation, not on a file-by-file basis.

Most C RTL functions now accept long OpenVMS style file names as arguments (ALPHA ONLY) For OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2, some basic Compaq C RTL I/O functions ( creat , stat , and the functions from the open family of functions) were enhanced to accept long OpenVMS style file names for an ODS-5 device.

For OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3, all other Compaq C RTL functions, except chdir and the functions from the exec family of functions, were also enhanced to accept long OpenVMS style file names for an ODS-5 device.

All C RTL functions that accept or report full file specifications will process file specifications up to 4095 bytes long, subject to the rules defined for the media format. For file specifications in OpenVMS format, there are no special restrictions. In situations where a full file specification cannot be reported because the buffer is too short, the function attempts to report the abbreviated name.

UNIX file names have the following restrictions:
Names containing special characters, such as multiple periods, caret, or multinational characters, may be rejected. A function call may report failure if the output buffer is not large enough to receive the full name. For OpenVMS style names, the reported name would contain a FID-abbreviated name. There is no representation of FID-abbreviated names defined for UNIX.