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UNIX Tools and Utilities: GNV

OpenVMS delivers UNIX tools and utilities through the GNV software package. GNU is a commonly used (recursive) acronym for "GNU's not UNIX." GNV is a GNU-based UNIX shell and utilities environment for OpenVMS which implements the UNIX BASH shell (Bourne Again Shell) and provides many typical UNIX tools and utilities for:

  • General purpose
  • Command manipulation
  • Program creation
  • File manipulation
  • Text processing
  • Printing
  • Networking

Using GNV on ODS-5 volumes greatly enhances UNIX portability. ODS-5 volumes support UNIX file-naming conventions, including file names with multiple dots, and lowercase and mixed case characters. Such file naming conventions are critical to using most UNIX software packages.

As you can see in this example, the behavior of the GNV utilities on OpenVMS is identical to that of the UNIX utilities.

See the "GNV home page" for more information.

You can get updated versions of GNV that are included with OpenVMS from the OpenVMS open source tools Web site.

GNV Version 3.0-1 will soon ship with OpenVMS on the Open Source Tools CD and is available from the Open Source Web site. For a complete list of the UNIX tools and utilities that ship as part of GNV, please see the GNV utilities.

OpenVMS Engineering developers enhanced the original SourceForge version of GNV by adding:

  • ODS-5 file system support
  • Additional utilities
  • Packaged as a HP-branded PCSI kit

GNV will continue to be expanded in the future so that OpenVMS will be able to run and pass all of the UNIX 98 standard tests. For OpenVMS V8.4, GNV provides these new utilities:

New GNV Components

Continued improvements have been made to the GNV compile and link commands (cc, gcc, and ld). These commands invoke the OpenVMS compiler and linker in a manner consistent with a UNIX development environment.