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file system

New UP file system enhancements are available on ODS-5 volumes only. They include:

» Hard Link
  A hard link is a file object that is a reference to another file or directory. A file pointed at by hard links retains its data until all links to the file have been deleted.
» Root Directory
You can specify a directory as the location of a UNIX style root. This allows applications to reference path names beginning at the root. See the C RTL manual for more information on POSIX root( / ) Support.
» Time of Last File Access
New time stamps on files are available including the times when:
— a file was last accessed
— a file attribute was last modified
— the data in a file was last modified
— a file attribute or data was last revised
» Case Preservation in File Name
File names can be case-sensitive. You can enable this feature with a switch. See the C RTL manual for more information.
» Case Preservation in Command-Line Arguments
  Command-line arguments can be passed to C and C++ programs in a case-sensitive fashion. This feature can be enabled with a switch.See the C RTL manual for more information.
» Extended Legal File Name Characters
  A greater number of characters, including colons and quotation marks, are now allowed in file names. See the C RTL manual for more information.