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HP Integrity server animation
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GNV example

The screen capture below shows a programmer:

  1. Using the UNIX "ls" command to view the contents of the directory
  2. Using the UNIX "cat" command to view the contents of a "makefile" (a makefile is used to build applications, similar to OpenVMS DESCRIP.MMS files)
  3. Building the "hello world" application with the "make" command
  4. Running the application by typing the name of the program "hello"
  5. Using the "dcl" command to execute OpenVMS DCL commands

bash$ ls -l   1
  total 1
  -rwxr-x--- 1 PITCHER 17 72 Apr 5 14:04 hello.c
  -rwxr-x--- 1 PITCHER 17 82 Apr 5 14:04 makefile

  bash$ cat makefile   2
  hello : hello.c
  gcc -o hello.exe hello.c
  clean :
  rm -f hello.exe hello.o

  bash$ make    3
  gcc -o hello.exe hello.c

  bash$ hello    4
  Hello There!

  bash$ dcl dir /date    5

Directory STP:[TEST.TEST]

  HELLO.C;1 5-APR-2002 13:45:56.46
  HELLO.EXE;1 5-APR-2002 14:05:20.67
  HELLO.O;1 5-APR-2002 14:05:18.35
  MAKEFILE.;2 5-APR-2002 14:04:58.85
  MAKEFILE.;1 5-APR-2002 13:59:33.72