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HP Integrity server animation
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GNV/BASH utilities GNV v1.6

BASH Command Similar DCL command Purpose
ar LIBRARY Archiver
as MACRO Assembler
basename LEXICALS Returns the filename portion of a filespec
bash SPAWN Invokes another copy of the BASH shell
bzip2 File compression utility
cat TYPE Display a file (atually, copy it, by default, to STDOUT)
cc CC Complie a C program..also link, etc.
chgrp SET FILE/OWN Change Group
chmod SET FILE/PROT Change permissions attributes of a file
chown SET FILE/OWN Change ownership attributes of a file
cksum Calculate a checksum of a file
cmp Compare two files byte by byte
comm DIFFERENCES Line by line comparison of two sorted files
cp COPY Copy a file to a different location
csplit Split a file into sections
cut Print selected portions of files from a file
cxx CXX Compile a C++ file
date SHOW TIME Display data and time
dcl N/A GNV specific tool... Invoke DCL
dd Copy a file, converting data format
df SHOW DEVICE Display disk partition information
diff DIFFERENCES Compare two files
dirname Lexicals Displays the directory portion of a file specification
du N/A Disk utilization
egrep SEARCH Search a file for a string
env SHOW SYMBOL Display environment variables, show logical, or run a program with uniquely defined variables
expand Convert tabs in a file, to spaces
expr Evaluate and display and expression
false Return FALSE
fgrep SEARCH Search a file for a string
file N/A Display file type, such as text, script, or executable image
find DIRECTORY [...] Find a file in a directory hierarchy
fmt Reformat paragraphs in a file
fold Wrap lines
gcc CC Compile C programs
GNUtar BACKUP The GNU version of tar, archiver and backup tool
grep SEARCH Search a file for a string
gunzip Decompress a GZIP compressed file
gzip Compress a file
head TYPE/PAGE Display the first portion of a file
hostname SHOW NETWORK Display the host name of the computer you're working on
id SHOW PROCESS Display user information of the current user
install COPY Copy file(s) to destination directory
join Copy two files to one, according to matching files
ld LINK Link object files into an executable
less TYPE/PAGE Display a text file
ln SET FILE/ENTER Link a file...as a pointer to another file
lp PRINT Print a file
ls DIRECTORY List the contents of a directory
make MMS Build components
man HELP Display documentation
mkdir CREATE/DIRECTORY Make directory
mkfile CREATE Make file
more TYPE/PAGE Same as LESS. Display a file
netscape Invoke NETSCAPE web browser
nl Display a text file, with line numbers
od DUMP Display a file in octal
paste Displaytow files with appended lines
printenv SHOW SYMBOL Display environment variables, show logical
ps SHOW SYSTEM Process status
pwd SHOW DEFAULT Display process working directory
rm DELETE Remove a file
rmdir DELETE Remove directory
sed Stream editor
sh SPAWN Invoke a new incarnation of the shell
share Display NFS exports
sleep WAIT Wait a specified number of seconds
sort SORT Sort a file
split Split a file into pieces
strip Remove debug symbols from an executable file
su SUPERUSER Become a different user (requires password)
sum Display checksum of a file
tac Display a text file, backwards, last line first (backwards CAT)
tail TYPE/TAIL Display the end of a file
tar BACKUP Tape Archiver
tee Write a file to two output files
touch Update the modification date of a file
tr Translate a file
true Return TRUE
uname F$GETSYI Display system information
unexpand Convert spaces in a file to tabs
uniq Discard indentical lines in a file
unzip Uncompress a ZIP archive
vi EDIT Text editor
vim EDIT Common UNIX editor
wc Word count
which N/A Display a path to a tool
who SHOW USER Display who's logged in to a system
whoami SHOW PROCESS Display the current user's username
xargs Build and execute command lines from standard input
zcat GZIP compress a file
zip ZIP compress files into an archive