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Sybase migrations

Attention Sybase OpenVMS customers, time has run out!

As you probably already know, Sybase has ended its support for customers using Sybase and OpenClient/OpenServer on the OpenVMS platform. You are now facing a difficult decision:

  • Pay a substantially increased fee to Sybase for ongoing support
  • Migrate your applications to another database system running on OpenVMS
  • Migrate your applications to Sybase running on another operating system

The Attunity Value Packs for Sybase OpenVMS customers

HP Services (HPS) and Attunity have worked together to provide a series of Value Packs for Sybase OpenVMS customers to help you through this transition. The Value Packs are combinations of HPS and Attunity services along with products from the Attunity Connect family. Depending on the path that best fits your needs, Attunity and HP Services will assemble the best combination of products and services to ease your transition.

The Value Packs offer the following benefits:

  • Can help automate the movement of your current Sybase data to other database systems on OpenVMS or other operating systems. Attunity Connect supports almost all the leading database management systems (DBMS) and operating platforms on the market today. In addition, Attunity Connect allows you to keep both Sybase and the "new database" synchronized during the transition to ensure no disruption to your business.
  • Can provide an ODBC or JDBC link from the OpenVMS platform to any other supported platform. This allows the customer to replace their current Sybase client with the Attunity Connect ODBC client with almost no coding at all.
  • Can help in the replacement of Sybase in cases where applications have used embedded SQL to Sybase. While this is a more complex problem, Attunity can save companies months of development time by automating up to 80 percent of the process.

How to proceed

Contact the Customer Service Center at +1 (800) 354 9000 and ask about the Attunity Value Packs for Sybase OpenVMS customers.


About Attunity

Attunity is a leading provider of technology solutions that integrate disparate data sources—enabling right-time data access across the enterprise. Through its own direct sales and its long-standing partnerships with global technology leaders such as Hewlett-Packard and Oracle, Attunity-based solutions have been successfully deployed at thousands of organizations worldwide, including ABB, Accuweather, Chevron, DuPont, Fidelity Investments, Fleet Bank, Georgia Pacific, Goldman Sachs, ING, MCI Worldcom, Nasdaq, Penske Logistics, Sabre, and many others.

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