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Application Control and Management System (ACMS) Transaction Processing System

ACMS is a transaction processing (TP) monitor that runs on the HP OpenVMS operating system. It is intended for businesses that require high performance, security, data integrity, and both centralized and distributed processing.

Retail, banking, financial services, customer service, telecommunications, health, manufacturing, and insurance are just some of the industries that make use of the ACMS system to process their transactions.

Integration Opportunities

TP Web Connector for ACMS and the Web Services Integration Toolkit (WSIT) are available to modernize existing ACMS applications, thereby protecting the investment in the applications and extending their lives.

TP Web Connector for ACMS facilitates creation of browser-based user interfaces to ACMS applications.

WSIT provides development and runtime tools that enable an ACMS task to be exposed as a JavaBean which can be used with Tomcat or with BEA WebLogic Server. The JavaBean can also be deployed as a Web service, using Apache Axis or BEA WebLogic Server. The resulting Web service can be called by any Web services client, such as clients implemented with Java API for XML-based RPC (JAX-RPC), Microsoft .NET, or Java Platform, Enterprise Edition application server.

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Announcing ACMS V5.1B for OpenVMS

HP ACMS Engineering is pleased to announce HP ACMS V5.1B for OpenVMS Integrity servers and Alpha systems. The ACMS transaction processing system is a TP monitor that runs on the HP OpenVMS operating system.

» Announcing HP ACMS V5.1B for OpenVMS on Integrity servers and Alpha systems