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What these customers and partners are saying about ACMS

What customers and partners are saying about ACMS

[Hughes DirecTV]

Nation's premier direct broadcast satellite service

View Graphic Display of DirectTV's Application
  • Billing application, decentralized billing centers
  • NCC developed opportunity, EDS was the competition
  • Subscriber volume = 1994: 750K --> 2001: 10M
  • Continuous operation - 15 minute failover. 99.99% uptime (<9 hours down/year)
  • Subsecond response time
  • HP ACMS/Rdb solution


 Tyson Foods

World's largest poultry producer
  • Largest producer of poultry products in the world
  • Downsized from UNISYS mainframes to HP client/server TP
  • Order entry, sales inventory, traffic & billing applications
  • Growing rapidly - move acquired companies onto their HP ACMS/Rdb system
  • High availability TP, scaleable solution, technology integration flexibility

Tyson Foods writes the recipe for success with HP products and services.

HP and Tyson IT pros laid out the design for a complete supply-chain information system encompassing inventory management, order management, order fulfillment, transportation and billing, using ACMS, layered on Oracle Rdb and OpenVMS.

Lego Systems

  • Order Entry and Stock Handling System
  • Inventory Control -- 60,000 transaction/day from hand held FM terminals VAX 9000 Model 420, 2 VAX 6000 Model 500
  • Warehouse Management System
“ With its rich functionality ACMS and Rdb enable us to meet our user’s requirements and expectations in our new client/server based system set up.”

Mr. Jan Damm Pedersen
EDP Manager


Major international bank
  • Large International Bank, Online retail banking application
  • Downsized from NCR mainframes to HP client/server TP
  • Decentralized, massively distributed client/server TP - 20,000 PCs
  • 2000 Local Offices with VAX 3100s in each running DIGTAL ACMS FE
  • 200 Branches with VAX 6xxx in each running HP ACMS Server & Rdb software
  • 20,000 PC desktops each running HP Desktop ACMS

[Perot Systems]

HP application integration partner
"The architecture of the reservation system made it very straight forward to offer the application services to an Internet client. At the same time, ACMS provided the features needed to prevent Internet access from adversely impacting Thrifty's core business processes. As a result, Thrifty was able to quickly open a new channel for reservations without incurring incremental data maintenance expenses, while at the same time maintaining consistency with the call center and airline systems."

Jim Lamb
Perot Systems Project Manager

seal.gif (5317 bytes)

Web-enabling current applications
"While we found several solutions, none gave us the comfort level or ease of implementation provided by the HP TP Web Connector software," says Peter Zabasky, Senior Analyst. "It allowed us to use our ACMS system to manage access to production databases. With this tool, we were able to reuse existing ACMS code and develop all our student Web applications in a little over a month. The results have been a tremendous success with our student population."

"Ithaca College has taken a major step forward by providing decentralized access to the college's information systems. Because of this success, we have many more applications, both student and operational, planned for the Web in the near future."

[VX Company]

HP partner

This information society of ours is changing at an incredible pace. Information supply has become a crucial factor in the efficient operation of virtually every company. Which is why suppliers of information technology, such as VX Company, have to know exactly what is going on within their specialized field in the IT market. They have to know which developments, products and systems will best meet the needs of a specific type of business.

...an investment in HP is an investment that bears witness to a definite vision of the future.”

VX Company specializes in developing and managing large operationally critical information systems in HP and Oracle environments. Visit their Web site for more details.