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Quick facts

Overview of ACMS

ACMS is a TP monitor that provides a development, run-time, and application management system for TP applications. It is designed for a modular, flexible development style and efficient use of system resources in large on-line applications. ACMS provides the environment for customers to create and manage transaction processing systems that provide predictable response time for users.

Developing ACMS applications

ACMS combines a structured, high-level application definition language and utilities to build, manage, and control complex applications. The modular nature of ACMS applications makes them more efficient to develop and run, and easier to maintain than traditional applications programs. ACMS applications can be modified by changing individual components, rather than rewriting the entire application.

ACMS is part of an integrated application development environment that includes presentation services, transaction and database management, programming languages, and tools, as shown in the ACMS Application Development Model below.

Application Development Model

The ACMS TP monitor makes client/server TP applications easy to develop, reliable to use, and scalable to meet the needs of growing businesses.

» TP Desktop Connector

TP Desktop Connector provides client access for the runtime server environment for Microsoft Windows connectivity. For additional information regarding TP Desktop Connector, please refer to SPD 34.81.xx.

ACMS features and benefits


ACMS supports OpenVMS (VAX, Alpha, and Integrity):

  • Application development, application management, and application control
  • Load balancing
  • Front-end/Back-end processing
  • Database management
  • Data Dictionary
  • Transactional and shared access to working data
  • Resource Utilization Collection and Reporting
  • Security
  • Transactional and non-transactional RPC
  • Concurrent execution and deferred batch processing
  • Task queuing, record queuing, and request queuing
  • Structured exception handling
  • Terminal and workstation forms management with DECforms
  • Database management with Oracle products
  • Unmatched high application availability in OpenVMS clusters

TP monitor functions, such as those provided by ACMS, provide the following benefits:

ACMS benefits

  • Flexibility to meet changing business requirements for performance and availability.
  • Unmatched performance and scalability -- multithreaded task servers
  • Rapid application prototyping and development to reduce development costs
  • Investment protection for hardware and application software for existing users
  • Power and ease-of-use of graphical user interfaces provided by popular PCs and workstations
  • Industry-leading Alpha performance and price/performance
  • Data integrity and security to protect corporate data
  • Reduced management costs characterized by:
    • centralized management of a distributed environment
    • optimized server resources and availability
    • integrated system management
  • Data and transaction integrity
  • Integrated heterogeneous environments, including:
    • legacy information systems
    • popular desktop systems and networks
  • Unmatched high availability for continuous operations of mission critical TP applications -- clusters
  • Enables systems to grow as businesses grow

Supported platforms

  • OpenVMS (VAX, Alpha, and Integrity)
  • Character cell terminals (VT)
  • Popular desktops with TP Desktop Connector
  • 3rd party devices such as scanners and bar code readers
  • Web browsers using TP Web Connector