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The HP Ada family of products is HP's implementation of the Ada programming language, as specified in ANSI/MIL-STD-1815A-1983 and ISO/8652-1987. It also conforms to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS-119). The HP Ada compiler is fully tested against the ACVC 1.11 test suite.

HP Ada's native, production-quality compiler generates highly optimized, shareable, and position-independent code. HP Ada version 3.5A provides common functionality on all currently supported OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha operating system versions.

» ADAAE04035 is an ECO kit for HP Ada v3.5 for OpenVMS Alpha. It is a partial kit with compiler and run-time fixes.

» Mature product support for HP Ada on OpenVMS became available in January 2000.

For Ada on Alpha (Tru64 and OpenVMS) and I64 (OpenVMS, HP-UX, and HP Linux), HP recommends the GNAT Pro development environment from AdaCore. (DEC Ada for DIGITAL UNIX was retired in March 2000.) GNAT Pro for OpenVMS, on both I64 and Alpha, is compatible with HP Ada and provides a direct migration path for HP Ada applications.

Download HP Ada v3.5A for OpenVMS Alpha Predefined Library sources

For more information, please refer to the Ada links in the navigation bar to the left. (You may need to scroll down to see them.)

Note: HP Ada was formerly known as Compaq Ada and DEC Ada. References to Compaq Ada and DEC Ada in product components should be construed as references to HP Ada.