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Ada to GNAT mapper

The HP Ada to GNAT Mapper will facilitate the move to GNAT from Ada.

The Mapper is a help system that accepts ACS commands and generates the closest match that can be achieved with DCL and GNAT commands. In addition, it produces cautionary information that warns the user of differences between the input ACS command and the resulting GNAT/DCL sequence.

GNAT does not implement the traditional library environment. Therefore some commands will have no match and the Mapper will produce an informational message describing the fact that the GNAT system does not have a library capability.

It's of interest to the HP Ada team to know who is using the Mapper tool. We will use this information to:

  • Notify interested parties of updates to the Mapper on the web page
  • Update you on new tools or features related to moving from HP Ada to GNAT
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Our most valuable customers are the ones who share with us their opinions. Please give us your feedback on the Mapper. We're interested in hearing your opinion on what works well, where improvements can be made and any other suggestions you may have.

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