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Ada mature product support announcement

Dear Service Customer,

HP is pleased to announce that we are now offering a new service, Mature Product Support for ADA, including the following products:

  • ADA for OpenVMS VAX
  • ADA for OpenVMS Alpha
  • Ada Professional Development Option for OpenVMS VAX
  • Ada Professional Development Option for OpenVMS Alpha
HP currently has no intent to add new functionality to ADA, as these products are functionally complete and have been very stable over the past several years. No new versions of these products are planned for release. Accordingly, License Subscription and Software Update Distribution Services will no longer be available for these products. However, because we recognize the investments you have made in these products and your need to move to new technology and/or solutions at your own pace, we are pleased to provide this new service.

Mature Product Support assures that you can continue to obtain high-quality telephone support for these products. You can purchase Mature Product Support with Sustaining Engineering for ADA and Ada PDO 3.5 as an addendum to your service contracts and cancel it when you no longer require telephone support. Additional licenses and media kits will continue to be available for purchase to accommodate expansion of your operations.

You may be confident that Mature Product Support with Sustaining Engineering will provide the same high level of telephone support you currently receive.

Your HP Customers Services representative will assure that you have the services that you require. Upon contract renewal your HP Customer Services representative will work with you to add Mature Product Support to your service contract and to cancel License Subscription and Software Update Distribution services.

Mature Product Support with Sustaining Engineering for ADA and Ada PDO Version 3.5 will continue to be available until you are notified via update of HP's Prior Version and Mature Product Support web page that support will end. Initial notification via the web will include an end date with a minimum of one year into the future.

Your local HP Services Sales Specialist can provide you with more information about Mature Product Support, as well as the comprehensive suite of support offerings available from HP.

For more information on Mature Product Support please visit the Mature Product and Prior Version Support Web page at http://h20219.www2.hp.com/services/cache/11774-0-0-225-121.html


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