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DIGITAL SNA access server migration guide

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Step 2: Audit Your Current Network Configuration

You may be replacing an existing DECnet SNA Gateway with the Access Server Gateway, or you may be planning that the two gateways will coexist. In either case, the better you understand the existing DECnet SNA Gateway, the easier it will be to minimize the impact of the migration to users of your network.

You need to understand the capabilities of the existing DECnet SNA Gateway, how it is configured, and how it is connected to the IBM host system. You should:

  • Determine the connection information for the IBM system. You can get this information from the IBM system administrator. You'll use this information to set up and configure the Microsoft SNA Server for your network.
  • Get a hardcopy of the most current, up-to-date DECnet SNA Gateway configuration file and familiarize yourself with the existing DECnet SNA Gateway configuration. If your network has more than one configuration file, get a current copy of each one.
  • Determine whether the Access Server Gateway can functionally replace your DECnet SNA Gateway or whether the DECnet SNA Gateway and the Access Server Gateway will need to coexist. If your DECnet SNA Gateway is providing access to LU6.2 applications, you'll need to maintain the DECnet SNA Gateway alongside the Access Server Gateway. See "Step 3: Plan Your Migration Strategy" for details.
  • Determine what OpenVMS access routines are running on the existing DECnet SNA Gateway and who is using them. These users will need to be notified of migration changes when they occur.

This chapter and the next focus primarily on the procedures for replacing an existing DECnet SNA Gateway with the Access Server Gateway. Information that pertains to having the two gateways coexist is noted, where relevant.

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