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DIGITAL SNA access server migration guide

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Step 7: Develop the Access Server Gateway Configuration

Once you've completed the SNA Server Preparation Forms, you can develop the Access Server Gateway configuration. This involves defining appropriate LU and LU pool names to be configured using the SNA Server Manager and, optionally but highly recommended, defining Access Names to be configured using the Access Server Manager. You may also define various LU authorization and security parameters.

Using the preparation forms and the appropriate information from the DECnet SNA Gateway configuration file, complete the Access Server Configuration Worksheet in Appendix A. Figure 3-4 shows a sample of a filled-in configuration worksheet that corresponds to the DECnet SNA Gateway configuration file shown in Figure 3-1.

For information and suggestions about how to determine appropriate values for the fields in the Access Server Configuration Worksheet, see the following section, "Understanding and Mapping Access Routine Parameters." It discusses in detail how to preserve DECnet SNA Gateway access routine information when you configure the Access Names and Name Mapping parameters in the Access Server. It also shows you how to preserve appropriate network information when you configure the Authorization and Secure LUs parameters.

Figure 3-4: Example Access Server Configuration Worksheet


Access Name: ___SNATE_____________
LU List: ______SNA0POOL___________
Base Name: ______SNA0___________[NOTE: this can be a list]
Base Radix: ______Decimal___________
Logon Mode: ______TE___________
Partner LU: ________TSO_________
User Data: _________________


Old-Style Name: _____SNA-0____________
LU Name: ________SNA0POOL_________
Base Name: ________SNA0_________
Base Name Radix: _________Decimal________


Authorization Entry: _____GUESTS____________
Node Name: ________BOSTON_________
Internet Node: ________BOSTON.DIGITAL.COM_________
Password: _________GUEST________
Terminal Name: _________BOSTON$FTA149________
User Name List: _________GUEST*, ..., ________


LU Name: _____SNA004____________
Authorization Entry: ________GUESTS_________

Some of the examples in the following section use the information from the Access Server Configuration Worksheet in Figure 3-4.

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