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HP Integrity server animation
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HP OpenVMS migration software for HP AlphaServer systems to HP Integrity Servers (OMSAIS)

The OpenVMS Migration Services Program is pleased to announce HP OpenVMS migration software for HP AlphaServer systems to HP Integrity Servers (OMSAIS).

This product supports the migration of HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems applications to HP OpenVMS Integrity servers.


HP OMSAIS includes two components:

  • AlphaServer systems Environment Software Translator (AEST)—an HP OMSAIS utility that translates executable and shareable HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems images into functionally equivalent images that run on HP OpenVMS on Integrity servers. A translated image is an HP OpenVMS Integrity server image containing both AlphaServer systems code that is translated into Integrity server code, as well as the original HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems image.

  • Translated Image Environment (TIE)—a software component that provides the runtime environment for translated image execution. TIE has been integrated into HP OpenVMS v8.2-1 for Integrity servers.

    Note: TIE for OpenVMS v8.2 on Integrity servers should be downloaded and installed on the target system. To download the file, click the link below.


HP OMSAIS is a package of both software and documentation that includes the following features:

  • The Translated Image Environment (TIE) includes an AlphaServer systems instruction emulator, which can be used to interpret an AlphaServer systems instruction stream at runtime.

    Note: This interpretation is slower than the direct execution of pre-translated AlphaServer systems code.

  • Support for interoperability between HP OpenVMS Integrity servers native and translated images

  • Support for translation of HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems images written in the following languages:
    • C
    • C++
    • COBOL
    • BLISS
    • MACRO-32
    • MACRO-64

  • Support for the following runtime libraries:
    • DEC C and C++ runtime libraries for HP OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems
    • VAX C runtime libraries for HP OpenVMS on VAX systems
    • FORTRAN runtime libraries
    • COBOL runtime libraries
    • Mathematical libraries
    • Relevant system runtime libraries

The software and documentation is available below, and will be distributed with a future HP OpenVMS CD kit. You do not need an HP OpenVMS product authorization key (PAK) to install or run the HP OMSAIS product software, but it is necessary to register and accept a freeware licensing agreement.

Note: New kits available with improved performance for HP Integrity servers (OpenVMS V8.3-1H1 and V8.4 only).

» Accept the license terms and download the software.


HP OMSAIS is currently available on an "as is" basis.

» Contact HP about HP OMSAIS