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OpenVMS technical journal volume 1

Welcome to the first edition of the HP OpenVMS technical journal. The OpenVMS Group has created this journal to provide you with useful Technical information from a range of experienced OpenVMS users -- engineers, Ambassadors, business partners, and customers. Since this is the premier issue, your feedback is key to the continued growth and development of this effort. I encourage you to send mail to the editor by clicking on the "send mail" button below.

Thank you for your continued support of OpenVMS technologies.

Mark Gorham, VP HP OpenVMS Group


Sue Skonetski (Editor in chief)

Welcome to the first edition of the VTJ (OpenVMS technical journal). It is my pleasure and privilege to be part of the team that has worked on this issue. Our plans are to have two issues of VTJ each year. And as Mark Gorham has said, the VTJ Team really values your input, and we will do our best to respond to your comments and suggestions.

In addition to the articles, we will have a regular "Best of Ask the Wizard" column and a section on OpenVMS partner technologies.


As you will see, this journal required a significant amount of work, first by the authors, to whom we are greatly indebted, and also by the VTJ Team of Joan Winslow, OpenVMS Documentation Manager; Warren Sander, OpenVMS Web Master; and Steve Hoffman, Senior Member of Technical Staff. Special thanks to Suzy Kane, Cindy Painter, and Carolyn Crowell for writing/editing support.

Warm Regards,
Sue Skonetski
Editor in Chief


Download Journal PDF Files

» download a zip file of the PDF files (828KB)

OpenVMS contributed articles

An Inside look at DCL - [ » HTML, » PDF]
Author: Guy Peleg, OpenVMS Engineer, OpenVMS Ambassador
Bio: Guy Peleg, is an Engineer in the OpenVMS Engineering group, with a variety of responsibilities. Guy is the maintainer and developer of DCL, Alpha/VAX Linker and other utilities. He has been with HP since 1997.
Abstract: The article will cover basic data structures of DCL and will give a glimpse of what is happening behind the scene. This article will be the first in a series of articles.

Using OpenVMS Clusters for Disaster Tolerance - [ » HTML, » PDF, » HTML (NS3)]
Author: Keith Parris, System/Software Engineer, OpenVMS Ambassador
Bio: Keith Parris is an engineer working in the Multivendor Systems Engineering group within HP Services. He has 23 years of computer industry experience. His specialties are clusters (particularly VMS disaster-tolerant clusters), operating system internals, storage and I/O, and performance issues. He has worked on the telephone hotline at the Customer Support Center as an engineer in VAXcluster Systems Engineering, as a developer working on VMS Cluster code within VMS Engineering, and on StorageWorks RAID software in Storage Engineering. Keith was an independent consultant for a half-dozen years while he helped build several disaster-tolerant clusters, including the worlds longest-distance production VMS disaster-tolerant cluster. He is a regular speaker at user group conferences around the world.
Abstract: Recent events have raised the level of awareness of the potential for disasters and have increased the level of interest in building IT infrastructures that can survive a disaster. A company can use OpenVMS to build a Disaster-Tolerant Cluster, which allows its business to continue operating uninterrupted despite the loss of an entire data center.

Managing Mission-Critical OpenVMS clusters - [ » HTML, » PDF, » HTML (NS3)]
Author (s): Johan Michiels, Nand Staes, Gerrit Woertman, Jan Knol
Bios: Johan Michiels works for HP C&I and has 20 years of experience on VMS. Since the early nineties he is focusing on the implementation of VMS-based management platforms, building and managing mission-critical VMSclusters, and automation of operations.

Nand Staes has over 25 years of computer industry experience at Philips and Digital, and is specialized in systems and network management, IT operations, IT security and IT auditing. He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor. Today Nand is a Sr. IT Auditor at Belgacom.

Gerrit Woertman studied Quantum Chemistry at Utrecht University, then started to work for Digital Educational Services in 1981. He currently is a Sales Consultant and OpenVMS Ambassador working for HP in The Netherlands. Gerrit is also heavily involved in DECUS and Interex.

Jan Knol is working for HP C&I in The Netherlands as an OpenVMS technology consultant. Jan has almost 25 years of experience in the computer industry and is specialized in consolidating complete environments and managing disaster-tolerant clusters.
Abstract: In this paper we present the VMS cockpit concept. The cockpit is a dedicated VMS system that centralizes all management operations. The main task of this cockpit is to monitor the entire OpenVMS production environment and to take care of event notification in a uniform way. The cockpit assists the system manager 24 hours per day and automates routine tasks

Best of "Ask the Wizard" - [ » HTML, » PDF]
Author: Stephen Hoffman, OpenVMS Engineer
Bio: Stephen "Hoff" Hoffman, is a Consulting Engineer in the OpenVMS Engineering group, with a variety of responsibilities. Areas of experience include voice applications and telephony, factory floor networking, databases, device drivers and ACPs, web and internet technologies, hardware, bad puns, clustering, with other areas too numerous to mention. Writings include the second edition of the "Writing Real Programs in DCL" book and an update (presently underway) to another Digital Press OpenVMS-related book
Abstract: This article covers in depth responses to common questions received by the Wizard. This issue covers the information needed to change the password for the SYSTEM username.

OpenVMS Backup Theory and practice - [ » HTML, » PDF]
Author: John Gillings, Systems Software Consultant, OpenVMS Ambassador
Bio: John Gillings is a Systems Software Consultant in Compaq Global Services based in the Customer Support Centre in Sydney Australia, a position he has held for the past 14 years. Prior to that he worked as a commercial programmer, and as an academic, teaching Computer Science at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia. His experience with OpenVMS dates back to VMS V1.0, running on the first VAX 11/780 to be commissioned in Australia. He holds a BSc in Human Genetics, a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science and an MSc in Software Engineering. John is an OpenVMS Ambassador, and the Technical lead for the OpenVMS track of the Compaq certification programme.
Abstract: Most system managers get backups backwards. They concentrate on how to get the bits off the disk onto tape, rather than how they will get them off the tape and back into the disk if it ever becomes necessary.

OpenVMS Partner Technologies Articles

Heterogeneous Console Management for the HP Enterprise - [ » HTML, » PDF, » HTML (NS3),]
Author: William Johnson, President and CEO TECSys Development
Bio: Mr. Johnson formed TDi in 1993 and has served as President and CEO of TDi since its inception. Prior to 1993, Mr. Johnson formed Johnson & Associates, serving as a management consultant specializing in network integration and design for enterprise computers. Previously, the Federal Land Bank, Mostek Semiconductor, International Telecharge, and Alcatel (DSC) employed Mr. Johnson. He has a Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Louisville and has over 20 years of experience in the information-technology field. Mr. Johnson has been an invited speaker for professional IT organizations around the world to speak about data center automation and enterprise computing. He enjoys water skiing, hunting, and piloting.
Abstract: This article discusses implementing management of console ports and applications for all HP hardware (host, networks, storage, and SANs) and operating systems with a secure web browser on any HP operating system with knowledge of all HP hardware, software event definitions.

Legato NetWorker Support for OpenVMS - [ » HTML, » PDF » HTML (NS3)]
Author: Siobhan Ellis, NetWorker Management & OpenVMS Product Manager
Abstract: This paper discusses the Legato NetWorker Backup/Restore solution, now available on OpenVMS. To many customers, a limitation of OpenVMS in heterogeneous systems environments has been the lack of integrated backup and archival solutions. Until now, no single solution has been available which could simultaneously meet the backup demands of OpenVMS, Windows, Unix and other system platforms.