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Effective April 1st, 2016, OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS will undergo a support status change from Standard Support to Mature Product Support Without Sustaining Engineering.

As a result of the support status change, OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS will no longer have active engineering development to produce subsequent versions. This change will affect all the supported versions of the product on both OpenVMS for Alpha and OpenVMS for Integrity servers. For more information on the support available, see http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA2-5741ENW.

You can perform similar functions using HP PerfDat for (OVPA + TDC)

OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS

Evaluation Kits for OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS, Version 4.0 compatible with SSL1.0-2c New !

The Released production kit "Performance Agent 4.0 for OpenVMS" is available on latest Integrity servers OE Delta disk and Alpha LP CDs.  

Product Description

OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS collects, summarizes, time stamps, and detects alarm conditions on resource data across your system; this includes both current and historical data. OVPA provides performance, resource, and end-to-end transaction response time measurements and supports network and database measurement information.

You can use data source integration (DSI) capabilities to integrate data collected outside OVPA. For example, you can use DSI to bring in network, database, and your own application data, which is then treated the same as data that OVPA collects. All DSI data is logged and time stamped; you can also use alarms on it. (For details, see the (HP OpenView Performance Agent Guide for UNIX Data Source Integration Guide.)

To analyze all the data that OVPA collects or receives, you can use spreadsheet programs, Hewlett-Packard analysis tools such as OpenView Performance Manager (OVPM), or third-party analysis products. OVPA gathers continuous information on system activity without imposing significant overhead on the system. In addition, its design offers many opportunities for customization. You can accept default configurations or set parameters to collect data for specific conditions.

Component Requirement
Server Must be an HP-UX or a Windows server running the OpenView Performance Manager (OVPM) Version 6.0 or 8.0
Client Can be a Version 7.3-2 or higher OpenVMS system.

Product Information

The appropriate License To Use (LTU) is required for the OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS.

The OVPA software is purchased as LTU instances as follows:

Part number Description
TB056AA HP Operations OS Instance Adv LTU
TB056AAE HP Operations OS Inst Adv SW E-LTU

OVPA for OpenVMS, Version 4.0

Data collection features include the following:
  • Application details
  • CPU details
  • Configuration details
  • Disk details
  • File system details
  • Global details
  • Network interface details
  • Process details
  • Transaction details
  • Memory details

Documentation for the Evaluation Kits

Description Document
README file » readme_ovpa_vms.txt
Release Notes »  release_notes_ovpa_vms.txt
HP OpenView Performance Agent User's Guide (UNIX) »  ovpa_users_guide.pdf
HP OVPA for OpenVMS Dictionary of Operating System Performance Metrics » OpenVMS-Metrics.html
Differences between OpenVMS and UNIX Files and Commands in the
HP OVPA for OpenVMS User's Manual
» diffs_user_man.pdf
HP OpenView Performance Agent Data Source Integration Guide » dsi.pdf

Download of evaluation kits

After you complete a short user survey, links to the OVPA for OpenVMS software kits are provided. Survey page

HP is committed to protecting your privacy. Learn more.

» For support of the OVPA evaluation kit, provide feedback on OVPA for OpenVMS, or to provide comments on this web page, contact the OVPA engineering team: