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OpenVMS Year 2000 Readiness Kit

The OpenVMS Year 2000 Readiness Kit contains numerous Year 2000 kits for OpenVMS, DCE, and DECwindows. The kit also contains a couple of prerequisite kits for users who are making Version 6.2 and Version 5.5-2 systems Year 2000 ready.

The following table lists the individual Year 2000 enhancement kits that ship on the OpenVMS Year 2000 Readiness Kit.

OpenVMS Year 2000 Readiness Kit Contents
Product and Version Platform Kit Name
Version 7.1 VAX VAXY2K01_071
  Alpha ALPY2K01_071
Version 6.2 VAX VAXY2K02_062
  Alpha ALPY2K02_062
V6.2 prerequisite kits VAX VAXCLUSIO01_062
  Alpha ALPCLUSIO01_062
Version 5.5-2 VAX VAXY2K01_U2055
V5.5-2 prerequisite kit VAX VAXSHAD09_U2055
Version 7.1 VAX VAX_KR_Y2K01_071
  Alpha ALP_KR_Y2K01_071
Versions 6.2 & 5.5-2 VAX VAX_KR_Y2K01_062
Version 6.2 Alpha ALP_KR_Y2K01_062
Version 7.1 VAX VAX_TW_Y2K01_071
  Alpha ALP_TW_Y2K01_071
Versions 6.2 & 5.5-2 VAX VAX_TW_Y2K01_062
Version 6.2 Alpha ALP_TW_Y2K01_062
Version 7.1 VAX VAX_CN_Y2K01_071
  Alpha ALP_CN_Y2K01_071
Versions 6.2 & 5.5-2 VAX VAX_CN_Y2K01_062
Version 6.2 Alpha ALP_CN_Y2K01_062
Version 5.2--2 VAX VAXY2KJ01_U2055
Version 6.2 VAX VAX_TH_Y2K01_062
  Alpha ALP_TH_Y2K01_062
Version 5.2--2 VAX VAX_TH_Y2K01_U2055
DCE for OpenVMS
Version 1.4 VAX VAXDCE01_014
  Alpha ALPDCE02_014
DECwindows Motif
Version 1.2--4 VAX VAXMOTF02_U4012
  Alpha ALPMOTF03_U4012
Version 1.2--3 VAX VAXMOTF08_U3012
  Alpha ALPMOTF08_U3012
Version 1.2--3
(World Wide)
  Alpha ALPDWMW02_U3012

This kit is shipped automatically to the following customers:

  • Subscribers to the Media and Documentation Update Service
  • Subscribers to the Software Products Library Update Service (Condist) - Distribution in Q2CY98 and Q1CY99
  • Purchasers of new OpenVMS Version 7.1 or Version 6.2 operating systems

Other customers can purchase this kit for $400 (U.S.) through the normal channels. (Part Number QA-MT1AQ-HW)

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