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PATHWORKS and Advanced Server Kits

Obtaining Server Kits

» Advanced Server for OpenVMS
» PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Advanced Server

Both products are included in the CD-ROM media kit (QA-A93AA-H8) and are available on both the Operating System and Layered Products Consolidated Software Distribution CD-ROM.

Both products are licensed in the same way. Purchase each product by licensing the clients or applications that use the services provided by the product. There is no additional fee.

» ordering OpenVMS Advanced Server products

OBtaining the Latest Patches

For the latest patches required for the PATHWORKS/Advanced Server servers, see the latest release notes for the appropriate product. See also:

» Patches for PATHWORKS and Advanced Server

Obtaining Client-Based Licenses and Client License Software

To obtain a client-based license from the PATHWORKS/Advanced Server License Server, the client computer must be running the software for license acquisition - the client licensing software. This software enables the client computer to request and store license information for access to the file server. If server-based licensing is being used, the client licensing software is not needed.

PC systems that are running PATHWORKS 32 software might already have the client licensing software. The software is installed as part of the default installation. » More Info

For PC systems that are not running PATHWORKS 32 client software, you can obtain the client licensing software from the PWLICENSE share that is created when the PATHWORKS/Advanced Server software kit is installed and configured. This is the preferred source, because the client licensing software obtained from there will request a license appropriate for accessing the current Advanced Server. You will not have to update the default license name.

Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems can obtain client license software from the latest PATHWORKS 32 distribution kit. 

For a client to access the PWLICENSE share and install the client licensing software, server-based licensing must be enabled or else the client must first obtain a client-based license.

The client software is intended for customers who use the network connectivity options available in the Microsoft Windows environment and who have purchased licenses for connecting to PATHWORKS/Advanced Server servers.

» Ordering Client-Based Licenses

» Enabling Server-Based Licensing (Chapter 2)


» PATHWORKS Advanced Server and Advanced Server for OpenVMS Homepage