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HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 1: Common Data Security Architecture

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HP Part Number: BA554-90006

July 2006

Table of Contents

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1 Introduction to CDSA
What Is CDSA?
CDSA Overview
Common Security Services Manager (CSSM)
Service Provider Modules
Elective Module Managers (EMMs)
Module Directory Services (MDS)
Maintaining CDSA Integrity
Bilateral Authentication
Secure Linkage Check
2 Installation and Initialization
Installation of CDSA on OpenVMS Alpha and I64 Version 8.3 and higher
Installation of CDSA on OpenVMS Alpha and I64 Version 8.2
Installation of CDSA on OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3-2
Installation of CDSA Version 2.2 on OpenVMS Versions Earlier than Version 8.3
CDSA Version 2.2 Setup and Initialization
Warning Against Uninstalling CDSA from OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3-1 or Higher
Post-Installation Tasks
Defining CDSA Symbols
Backing up the CDSA Database
3 Secure Delivery
PCSI and Secure Delivery
PCSI History File (Product Database)
Fundamentals of Secure Delivery
CDSA Architectureb
The Certificate
The Manifest
CDSA Secure Delivery Programs
Creating Manifests
The Signing Process
The CDSA$SD_SIGN.COM Procedure
Validating Files and Authenticating Signers
Validation Examples
4 CDSA Utility Programs
Integrity Signing
Export Signing
5 CDSA Programming Concepts
Overview of CDSA Programming on OpenVMS
Compiling a CDSA Program
Linking a CDSA Program
CDSA Integrity Checking
Writing Signed Applications
The Signing Environment
The Signing Tools
The Signing Process
Deploying Signed Applications and Service Provider Modules
CDSA Example Programs
AES Encryption/Decryption Example Program
DES Encryption/Decryption Example Program
MDS Example Program
DES2 Encryption/Decryption Example Program
DES3 Example Program
ADDIN Example Program
DUMMY Example Programs
CDSA API Functions
AC_AuthCompute() - Compute authorization (CDSA)
AC_PassThrough() - Call exported module-specific operations (CDSA)
CDSA_FileValidate() - Validate a manifest file against its target file
CL_CertAbortCache() - Terminate a certificate cache handle (CDSA)
CL_CertAbortQuery() - Terminate a results handle (CDSA)
CL_CertCache() - Cache a copy of a certificate (CDSA)
CL_CertCreateTemplate() - Allocate and initialize memory for a certificate template (CDSA)
CL_CertDescribeFormat() - Return a list of the CSSM_OID values (CDSA)
CL_CertGetAllFields() - Return a list of input certificate values (CDSA)
CL_CertGetAllTemplateFields() - Extract and return values stored in CertTemplate (CDSA)
CL_CertGetFirstCachedFieldValue() - Return values from the cached certificate (CDSA)
CL_CertGetFirstFieldValue() - Return the value of the certificate field (CDSA)
CL_CertGetKeyInfo() - Return the public key and integral information (CDSA)
CL_CertGetNextCachedFieldValue() - Return the value of a certificate field (CDSA)
CL_CertGetNextFieldValue() - Return the value of a certificate field (CDSA)
CL_CertGroupFromVerifiedBundle() - Verify the signature of a bundle (CDSA)
CL_CertGroupToSignedBundle() - Convert a certificate group to a certificate bundle (CDSA)
CL_CertSign() - Sign a certificate (CDSA)
CL_CertVerify() - Verify a signed certificate (CDSA)
CL_CertVerifyWithKey() - Verify with a key (CDSA)
CL_CrlAbortCache() - Terminate a CRL cache handle (CDSA)
CL_CrlAbortQuery() - Terminate a query (CDSA)
CL_CrlAddCert() - Revoke an input certificate (CDSA)
CL_CrlCache() - Cache a copy of a certificate revocation list (CDSA)
CL_CrlCreateTemplate() - Create an unsigned, memory-resident CRL (CDSA)
CL_CrlDescribeFormat() - Return a list of the CSSM_OID values (CDSA)
CL_CrlGetAllCachedRecordFields() - + Return field values from a CRL record (CDSA)
CL_CrlGetAllFields() - Get the field values from the CRL (CDSA)
CL_CrlGetFirstCachedFieldValue() - Get field values from the cached CRL (CDSA)
CL_CrlGetFirstFieldValue() - Get the value of the first CRL field (CDSA)
CL_CrlGetNextCachedFieldValue() - Get the value of the next cached CRL field (CDSA)
CL_CrlGetNextFieldValue() - Get the value of the next CRL field (CDSA)
CL_CrlRemoveCert() - Reinstate a certificate (CDSA)
CL_CrlSetFields() - Set new field values (CDSA)
CL_CrlSign() - Sign a CRL (CDSA)
CL_CrlVerify() - Verify a signed CRL has not been altered (CDSA)
CL_CrlVerifyWithKey() - Verify a CRL with a specific key (CDSA)
CL_FreeFields() - Free fields (CDSA)
CL_FreeFieldValue() - Free field data (CDSA)
CL_IsCertInCachedCrl() - Search cached CRL for a record (CDSA)
CL_IsCertInCrl() - Search CRL for a certificate record (CDSA)
CL_PassThrough() - Extend certificate library functionality (CDSA)
CSP_EventNotify() - Notify service module of a context event
cssm_CcToHandle() - Get the module attach handle (CDSA)
CSSM_ChangeKeyAcl() - Edit a stored ACL associated with the target key (CDSA)
CSSM_ChangeKeyOwner() - Change the owner of a key (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_ChangeLoginAcl() - Edit a stored CSP ACL login session (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_ChangeLoginOwner() - Define a new login owner (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateAsymmetricContext() - Create an asymmetric encryption cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateDeriveKeyContext() - Create a cryptographic context to derive a symmetric key (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateDigestContext() - Create a digest cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateKeyGenContext() - Create a key generation cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateMacContext() - Create a message authentication code cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreatePassThroughContext() - Create a custom cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateDeriveKeyContext() - Create a cryptographic context to derive a symmetric key (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateDigestContext() - Create a digest cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateKeyGenContext() - Create a key generation cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateMacContext() - Create a message authentication code cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreatePassThroughContext() - Create a custom cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateRandomGenContext() - Create a random number generation cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateSignatureContext() - Create a signature cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_CreateSymmetricContext() - Create a symmetric encryption cryptographic context (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_GetLoginAcl() - Get description of CSP ACL entries (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_GetLoginOwner() - Get login owner data (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_Login() - Log user in to the CSP (CDSA)
CSSM_CSP_Logout() - Terminate the login session (CDSA)
CSSM_DeleteContext() - Free the context structure (CDSA)
CSSM_DeleteContextAttributes() - Delete internal data (CDSA)
cssm_DeregisterManagerServices() - Deregister manager services
CSSM_FreeContext() - Free memory associated with the context structure (CDSA)
CSSM_GetAPIMemoryFunctions() - Retrieve the memory function table associated with the security service module
cssm_GetAppMemoryFunctions() - Get service functions (CDSA)
cssm_GetAttachFunctions() - Get SPI function table (CDSA)
CSSM_GetContext() - Get context information (CDSA)
CSSM_GetContextAttribute() - Get context attribute (CDSA)
CSSM_GetKeyAcl() - Get ACL entries by key (CDSA)
CSSM_GetKeyOwner() - Get data describing key owner (CDSA)
CSSM_GetModuleGUIDFromHandle() - Get GUID of the attached module (CDSA)
cssm_GetModuleInfo() - Get the module handle state information
CSSM_GetPrivilege() - Get CSSM privilege value (CDSA)
CSSM_GetSubserviceUIDFromHandle() - Complete a subservice unique identifier structure (CDSA)
CSSM_Init() - Initialize CSSM (CDSA)
CSSM_Introduce() - Identify an executable module (CDSA)
cssm_IsFuncCallValid() - Check secure linkage (CDSA)
CSSM_ListAttachedModuleManagers() - tGet a list of GUIDs for the attached module manager(CDSA)
CSSM_ModuleAttach() - Attach and verify a service provider module (CDSA)
CSSM_ModuleDetach() - Detach application from service provider module (CDSA)
CSSM_ModuleLoad() - Initialize the security service module (CDSA)
CSSM_ModuleUnload() - Deregister event notification callbacks (CDSA)
cssm_ReleaseAttachFunctions() - Release lock on the SP function table (CDSA)
CSSM_SetContext() - Replace all context information (CDSA)
CSSM_SetPrivilege() - Store privilege value in CSSM framework (CDSA)
CSSM_SPI_ModuleAttach() - Attach a service provider module(CDSA)
CSSM_SPI_ModuleDetach() - Notify service module of a context event (CDSA)
CSSM_SPI_ModuleLoad() - Initialize process between CSSM and the add-in service module (CDSA)
CSSM_SPI_ModuleUnload() - Disable events and deregister CSSM event notification (CDSA)
CSSM_Terminate() - Terminate the use of CSSM (CDSA)
CSSM_TP_RetrieveCredResult() - Return the results of the credentials request (CDSA)
CSSM_Unintroduce() - Remove module (CDSA)
CSSM_UpdateContextAttributes() - Update context attribute values (CDSA)
Decode_CDSA_Error() - Accepts a CDSA numeric error code and returns two strings: the ASCII name of the error and a description of the error
DecryptData() - Decrypt buffer data (CDSA)
DecryptDataFinal() - Finalize staged decryption process (CDSA)
DecryptDataInit() - Initialize the staged decrypt function(CDSA)
DecryptDataInitP() - Intialize the staged decrypt function with privilege (CDSA)
DecryptDataP() - Decrypt data with privilege (CDSA)
DecryptDataUpdate() - Continue the staged decryption process (CDSA)
DeriveKey() - Derive new symmetric key (CDSA)
DigestData() - Compute message digest (CDSA)
DigestDataClone() - Clone a staged message digest (CDSA)
DigestDataFinal() - Finalize the staged message digest (CDSA)
DigestDataInit() - Initialize the staged message digest (CDSA)
DigestDataUpdate() - Continue the staged process of digesting (CDSA)
DL_Authenticate() - Provide authentication credentials (CDSA)
DL_ChangeDbAcl() - Edit stored ACL (CDSA)
DL_ChangeDbOwner() - Define a new data base owner (CDSA)
DL_CreateRelation() - Create a new persistent relation (CDSA)
DL_DataAbortQuery() - Terminate DL_DataGetFirst query (CDSA)
DL_DataDelete() - Remove data record (CDSA)
DL_DataGetFirst() - Get first data record (CDSA)
DL_DataGetFromUniqueRecordId() - I Get data record (CDSA)
DL_DataGetNext() - Get next data record (CDSA)
DL_DataInsert() - Create new persistent data record (CDSA)
DL_DataModify() - Modify persistent data record (CDSA)
DL_DbClose() - Close open data store (CDSA)
DL_DbCreate() - Create and open new data store (CDSA)
DL_DbDelete() - Delete all records (CDSA)
DL_DbOpen() - Open a data store (CDSA)
DL_DestroyRelation() - Destroy an existing relation (CDSA)
DL_FreeNameList() - Free the list of the logical data store names (CDSA)
DL_FreeUniqueRecord() - Free data store memory (CDSA)
DL_GetDbAcl() - Get ACL description (CDSA)
DL_GetDbNameFromHandle() - Get data source name (CDSA)
DL_GetDbNames() - Get list of logical data store names (CDSA)
DL_GetDbOwner() - Get data base owner (CDSA)
DL_PassThrough() - Extend data storage module functionality (CDSA)
EncryptData() - Encrypts all buffer data (CDSA)
EncryptDataFinal() - Finalize staged encryption process (CDSA)
EncryptDataInit() - Initialize the staged encrypt funciton (CDSA)
EncryptDataInitP() - Initialize the staged encrypt function with privilege (CDSA)
EncryptDataP() - Encrypt data with privilege (CDSA)
EncryptDataUpdate() - Continue the staged encryption process (CDSA)
FreeKey() - Clean up keys (CDSA)
GenerateAlgorithmParams() - Generate algorithm parameters (CDSA)
GenerateKey() - Generate a symmetric key (CDSA)
GenerateKeyP() - Generate a key with privilege (CDSA)
GenerateKeyPair() - Generate an asymmetric key pair (CDSA)
GenerateKeyPairP() - Generate an asymmetric key pair with privilege (CDSA)
GenerateMac() - Compute a message authentication code (CDSA)
GenerateMacFinal() - Finalize the staged message authentication code (CDSA)
GenerateMacInit() - Initialize the staged message authentication code (CDSA)
GenerateMacUpdate() - Continue the staged process of computing a message authentication code (CDSA)
GenerateRandom() - Generate random data (CDSA)
GetOperationalStatistics() - Get operational values of a subservice (CDSA)
GetTimeValue() - Get a CSP time value (CDSA)
MDS_Initialize() - Initiate service context with MDS (CDSA)
MDS_Install() - Create the object directory database (CDSA)
MDS_Terminate() - Terminate the MDS service context (CDSA)
MDS_Uninstall() - Delete the object directory database (CDSA)
MDSUTIL_FreeModuleInfo() - Frees memory associated with the MDSUTIL_GetModuleInfo function.
MDSUTIL_FreeModuleList() - Frees the list of add-in modules that was returned by MDSUTIL_ListModules.
MDSUTIL_GetCredLocationFromGUID() - Returns the location of the add-in module, and the associated credentials file for the add-in module.
MDSUTIL_GetModuleInfo() - Gets information from the MDS registry for the add-in module.
MDSUTIL_GetModuleManagerInfo() - Returns descriptive information about the elective module manager identified by the GUID or the service mask.
MDSUTIL_Init() - Initializes the MDS registry in preparation for a series of MDSUTIL operations.
MDSUTIL_ListModuleManagers() - Returns the number of module managers and a list of GUIDs associated with those module managers.
MDSUTIL_ListModules() - Returns a list containing the GUID/version/name for each of the currently installed service provider modules that provide services in any of the CSSM functional categories selected in the usage mask. The MDSUTIL_FreeModuleList function must be called to deallocate memory containing the list.
MDSUTIL_ModuleInstall() - Updates the MDS registry with information on the add-in module
MDSUTIL_ModuleManagerInstall() - Updates the MDS registry with information about the Extensible Module Manager
MDSUTIL_ModuleManagerUninstall() - Removes from the MDS registry the information associated with the Globally Unique ID of the EMM
MDSUTIL_ModuleUninstall() - Removes from the MDS registry the information associated with GUID
MDSUTIL_Term() - Closes the MDS registry after a series of operations.
ObtainPrivateKeyFromPublicKey() - Convert public key to private key (CDSA)
PassThrough() - Extend crypto functionality (CDSA)
Print_CDSA_Error() - Output the CDSA error strings to SYS$OUTPUT
QueryKeySizeInBits() - Get CSP logical and effective sizes (CDSA)
QuerySize() -  Get size of the output data (CDSA)
RetrieveCounter() - Get the value of a tamper resistant clock (CDSA)
RetrieveUniqueId() - Get identifier (CDSA)
SignData() - Sign all buffer data (CDSA)
SignDataFinal() - Complete the final stage of the sign data (CDSA)
SignDataInit() - Initialize the staged sign data (CDSA)
SignDataUpdate() - Continue the staged signing process input buffer data (CDSA)
TP_ApplyCrlToDb() - Update persistent storage (CDSA)
TP_CertCreateTemplate() - Allocate and initialize template memory (CDSA)
TP_CertGetAllTemplateFields() - Get CertTemplate field values (CDSA)
TP_CertGroupConstruct() - Construct credential (CDSA)
TP_CertGroupPrune() - Remove locally issued anchor certificates (CDSA)
TP_CertGroupToTupleGroup() - Create a set of authorization tuples (CDSA)
TP_CertGroupVerify() - Determine if a certificate is trusted (CDSA)
TP_CertReclaimAbort() - Terminate the process of reclaiming certificates (CDSA)
TP_CertReclaimKey() - Get private key associated with a certificate (CDSA)
TP_CertRemoveFromCrlTemplate() - Determine if the revoking certificate group can remove the subject certificate group from the CRL template (CDSA)
TP_CertRevoke() - Determine if the revoking certificate group can revoke the subject certificate group (CDSA)
TP_CertSign() - Determine if signer certificate is trusted (CDSA)
TP_ConfirmCredResult() - Confirm credentials (CDSA)
TP_CrlCreateTemplate() - Create an unsigned memory-resident CRL template (CDSA)
TP_CrlVerify() - Verify integrity of the certificate revocation list (CDSA)
TP_FormRequest() - Get form from authority (CDSA)
TP_FormSubmit() - Submit form to ClearanceAuthority (CDSA)
TP_PassThrough() - Extend trust policy functionality
TP_ReceiveConfirmation() - Poll for confirmation (CDSA)
TP_SubmitCredRequest() - Submit credential request (CDSA)
TP_TupleGroupToCertGroup() - Create a set of certificate templates (CDSA)
Terminate() - Clean up module-manager-specific activities (CDSA)
UnwrapKey() - Unwrap the wrapped key (CDSA)
UnwrapKeyP() - Unwrap the wrapped keys with privilege (CDSA)
VerifyData() - Verify input buffer data (CDSA)
VerifyDataFinal() - Finalize the staged verify data (CDSA)
VerifyDataInit() - Initialize the staged verify data (CDSA)
VerifyDataUpdate() - Continue the staged verification (CDSA)
VerifyDevice() - Cause the cryptographic module to perform a self verification and integrity check (CDSA)
VerifyMac() - Verify the message authentication code (CDSA)
VerifyMacFinal() - Finalize the staged message authentication code (CDSA)
VerifyMacInit() - Initialize the staged message authentication code (CDSA)
VerifyMacUpdate() - Continue the staged process of verifying the message authentication code (CDSA)
WrapKey() - Wrap a key using the context (CDSA)
WrapKeyP() - Wrap a key with privilege (CDSA)
Elective Module Manager (EMM) API Functions
DeregisterDispatchTable() - Invalidate CSSM pointers to EMM
EventNotifyManager() - Receive an event notification
Initialize() - Verify module version
ModuleManagerAuthenticate() - Module manager authentication
RefreshFunctionTable() - Gets EMM-defined API function
RegisterDispatchTable() - Provide the EMM with CSSM function pointers
Terminate() - Clean up module-manager-specific activities
Human Recognition Service (HRS) API Functions
HRS_CancelGUICallbacks() - Cancels GUICallbacks
HRS_CancelStreamCallbacks() - Cancels the StreamCallback
HRS_Capture() - Captures samples
HRS_CreateTemplate() - Creates a new enrollment template from a BIR containing raw biometric data
HRS_DbClose() - Closes an open database
HRS_DbCreate() - Creates and opens a new database
HRS_DbDelete() - Deletes all records from a database
HRS_DbDeleteBIR() - Deletes a BIR in an open database
HRS_DbFreeCursor() - Frees memory and resources associated with a cursor
HRS_DbGetBIR() - Retrieves a BIR from an open database
HRS_DbGetNextBIR() - Retrieves the BIR identified by the Cursor parameter
HRS_DbOpen() - Opens the data store
HRS_DbQueryBIR() - Returns a pointer to the GUID of a BIR in an open database
HRS_DbSetCursor() - Sets the cursor to point to a specified record in a database
HRS_DbStoreBIR() - Stores a BIR in an open database
HRS_EnableEvents() - Enables the events from the attached HRS service provider in the current process
HRS_Enroll() - Captures biometric data for the purpose of enrollment
HRS_FreeBIRHandle() - Frees memory and resources associated with the BIR handle
HRS_GetBIRFromHandle() - Retrieves the BIR associated with a BIR handle
HRS_GetHeaderFromHandle() - Retrieves the BIR header identified by handle
HRS_Identify() - Captures biometric data from the attached device and compares it against the Population
HRS_IdentifyMatch() - Performs an identification (1-to-many) match between a ProcessedBIR and a set of stored BIRs
HRS_Import() - Imports non-realtime raw biometric data to construct a BIR
HRS_Process() - Processes the intermediate data captured via a call to HRS_Capture for the purpose of either verification or identification
HRS_SetGUICallbacks() - Allows the application to establish callbacks so that the application can control the ‘‘look-and-feel’’ of the biometric user interface
HRS_SetPowerMode() - Sets the device to the requested power mode
HRS_SetStreamCallback() - Allows the application to establish a callback for client/server communication
HRS_StreamInputOutput() - Passes a protocol &data unit into the HRS service provider and obtains a response
HRS_Verify() - Captures biometric data from the attached device and compares it against the StoredTemplate
HRS_VerifyMatch() - Performs a verification (1-to-1) match between two BIRs - the ProcessedBIR and the StoredTemplate
A Open Source Notice
Intel Open Source License for CDSA/CSSM Implementation (BSD License with Export Notice)