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DIGITAL SNA access server migration guide

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Checklist of Migration Steps

Migrating to the Access Server Gateway involves several stages. Once all appropriate software and hardware has been installed and verified, both the SNA Server and the Access Server must be configured for the planned environment. The new network must be tested. And if the current DECnet SNA Gateway is to be dismantled, both hardware and software may need to be removed. Table 4-1 presents an expanded checklist of all required migration steps. 

Table 4-1: Checklist of Migration Steps

Step 1: Verify Installation of Required Hardware and Software 
_____  Install/verify the Windows NT Server. 
_____  Install/verify the Microsoft SNA Server for Windows NT, including appropriate Service Pack(s). 
_____  Install/verify DIGITAL SNA Access Server for Windows NT. 
_____  Install/verify DIGITAL PATHWORKS, if the network will continue to use DECnet. 
_____  Check all hardware and verify that all basic network connections are in place and working properly. 
_____  Set parameters for the RJE server. 
Step 2: Configure the Microsoft SNA Server 
_____  Set up all PUs and connections using the Microsoft SNA Server Manager, with the information from the DECnet SNA Gateway. 
_____  Establish all LUs, LU pools, local LUs, remote LUs, and logon modes. 
_____  Make sure that LUs are defined as LUAs (application LUs). 
Step 3: Create a Configuration to Use with Access Server 
_____  Create a configuration using the Access Server Manager. 
_____  Specify access names and parameters. 
_____  Specify name-mapping from old-style LU names. 
_____  Create authorization entries. 
_____  Specify secure LUs. 
Step 4: Test the Access Server Gateway 
_____  Using the tests you selected, test the gateway. 
Step 5: Remove Any Unnecessary Hardware and Software 
_____  Disconnect the DECnet SNA Gateway (if this is part of the planned migration strategy). 
_____  Remove the DECnet SNA Gateway software from the OpenVMS system (if this is part of the planned migration strategy). 
The following topics describe the migration steps in more detail. 

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