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BEA Systems, Inc.

BEA and HP have a worldwide business, services, and technology partnership that provides a universal middleware infrastructure across the entire HP product line, including HP AlphaServer systems running the OpenVMS operating system. The HP and BEA partnership offers customers uncompromising value and flexibility by delivering proven integrated application infrastructure solutions that are built for today and into the future.

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» BEA corporate overview
» BEA MessageQ—a fast and reliable middleware solution
» BEA Tuxedo—a platform for distributed transaction processing
» BEA WebLogic Server—an industrial-strength application infrastructure
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BEA corporate overview

BEA Systems, Inc. is one of the world's leading application infrastructure companies. BEA's suite of software and service solutions includes application servers for building, deploying, and managing e-commerce applications; reusable components that enable business logic to be snapped together into applications within a matter of weeks; and a tool for integrating new Web applications in real time with back-office systems and other businesses across the Web.

BEA and HP have formed a worldwide business, services, and technology partnership that provides a universal middleware infrastructure across the entire HP product line, including HP Integrity server and HP AlphaServer systems running the HP OpenVMS operating system. This strategic relationship encompasses industry-leading products in enterprise transaction and application platforms, object technology, and message-oriented middleware.

Click the following links for additional information about the partnership between HP and BEA.
» Executive quotes
» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site

BEA MessageQ

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

BEA MessageQ is a fast and reliable middleware solution that enables distributed applications to communicate using the industry-leading queued message bus technology. The solution enables the reliable exchange of application messages across heterogeneous platforms for enterprises in any industry requiring high-volume data distribution capabilities.

BEA MessageQ runs on HP Integrity server and HP AlphaServer systems running the HP OpenVMS operating system. The load-balancing and clustering capabilities of these systems guarantee the availability required to make BEA MessageQ a high-performance messaging system, while their scalability ensures that BEA MessageQ can meet the rapidly changing needs of growing organizations.

More information
» More about BEA MessageQ

BEA Tuxedo

AlphaServer system ready

BEA Tuxedo is a leading middleware platform for C, C++, and COBOL applications that provide the backbone for some of the world's largest mission-critical transaction processing systems—including wire transfers, ATMs, and telecommunications systems. BEA Tuxedo provides distributed transaction processing and application messaging for applications that operate across multiple hardware platforms, databases, and operating systems.

With the scalability and flexibility of HP OpenVMS platforms, BEA Tuxedo enables the rapid development of transaction and e-commerce systems that can keep up with the speed of changing business environments. HP OpenVMS also provides extreme availability with 99.999 percent uptime, helping IT personnel who use BEA Tuxedo to deploy systems that withstand high volumes of transactions and reduce operational costs.

More information
» More about BEA Tuxedo

BEA WebLogic Server

AlphaServer system ready

BEA WebLogic Server is an industrial-strength application infrastructure for developing, integrating, securing, and managing distributed Java applications. With support for the latest industry standards and out-of-the-box interoperability with existing infrastructures, BEA WebLogic Server provides a scalable platform for serving dynamic content and data to Web and wireless applications.

BEA WebLogic Server benefits from the high-availability features of the HP OpenVMS operating system, providing a solution that is ideal for the mission-critical, dynamic-content needs of growing organizations. This powerful combined solution from HP and BEA enables IT organizations to reduce the cost and complexity of their application infrastructure.

More information
» HP Services offerings for BEA WebLogic Server on OpenVMS
» More about BEA WebLogic Server

Associated solutions

» BEA WebLogic solutions
» Attunity Connects
» CSWS Web Server (based on Apache)

BEA news and events

Click the following links for the latest news about BEA and its industry-leading solutions.
» BEA success stories
» BEA press releases
» BEA events

Technical information

The following links provide technical information about BEA solutions on OpenVMS.

» OpenVMS FAQs

BEA MessageQ
» BEA MessageQ platform requirements
» Ask the Wizard: BEA MessageQ

BEA Tuxedo
» BEA Tuxedo platform requirements
» Ask the Wizard: BEA Tuxedo

BEA WebLogic Server
» BEA Web Shelf
» BEA WebLogic Server platform support

Company contact

BEA Systems, Inc.
2315 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131
United States
Tel: +1 (408) 570 8000
Fax: +1 (408) 570 8901
» BEA Web site

For more information or questions, please send an e-mail message to OpenVMS e-business or contact:

Name Contact Title
Tariq Nazeer » contact BEA Alliance Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company
Bala Balachandran Global Alliance Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company
Beverly Bloodworth bbloodwo@bea.com Global Account Manager, BEA Systems, Inc.
Gary Nakamura garyn@bea.com Global Alliance Manager, BEA Systems, Inc.