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Oracle Corporation

Oracle database solutions on OpenVMS are the right choice for manufacturing, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and government installations.

» HP SPI Oracle Rdb VMS Version 8.0 is available! New!
» Oracle Database Server 10gR2 for Integrity and AlphaServer systems is now available from Oracle New!
» Oracle announces the production release of Oracle Rdb with support for the latest dual-core HP Integrity servers (PDF)
» Disaster Tolerant Proof of Concept White Paper (PDF)
» Statement of Direction - Oracle for OpenVMS (August, 2007) [PDF]
» Statement of Direction—Oracle Rdb
» OpenVMS scalability with Oracle Rdb [PDF]
» Using Oracle and Rdb in a heterogeneous backup solution
» Next generation HP AlphaServer systems deliver for Oracle customers [PDF]
» Fraport Aviation Ground Services relies on HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems
» Nine years later: Thousands of satisfied Oracle Rdb customers [PDF]

» Oracle corporate overview
» Oracle Rdb Suite—a family of relational database products
» Oracle Server—the world's leading enterprise database
» Technical information
» Training and events
» Trial software
» Company contact

Oracle corporate overview

Oracle Corporation develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes software for information management. Oracle products include systems software, such as database management, application server, and development software; and business applications software, which automates the performance of business processes for customer relationship management, supply chain management, financial management, project management, and human resources management.

HP and Oracle have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship. Highly available, secure, and scalable HP platforms running Oracle solutions provide the foundation for many of the world's e-business enterprises, and give organizations in the manufacturing, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and government market segments the technology necessary to handle their operations-critical processes.

» HP-Oracle Global Alliance

Oracle Rdb Suite

AlphaServer and Integrity server system ready

Oracle Rdb Suite is a family of relational database products that support high-performance transaction processing and mission-critical applications running on HP OpenVMS platforms. Through an increasing emphasis on common technologies and product family standards, Oracle Rdb has been integrated into a broad selection of software for custom application development and multi-tier application deployment using Internet technologies, as well as the Oracle database engine itself.

The Oracle Rdb suite includes the following components:

  • Oracle Rdb—a full-featured relational database management system (RDBMS)
  • Oracle CODASYL DBMS—a high-performance network-style database management system
  • Oracle CDD/Repository—a single repository for data definitions shared by multiple applications and databases
  • Oracle Trace—a tool that collects performance data on the database and on applications containing TRACE service routines

Oracle Rdb on HP OpenVMS enjoys success in environments requiring the highest levels of performance, reliability, availability, and maintainability. Oracle Rdb products host a significant portion of the world's cellular telephone customer service and billing systems, lotteries, financial exchanges, satellite direct broadcast television systems, and integrated circuit manufacturing. Oracle's continued commitment to developing and enhancing Oracle Rdb makes the suite a system of choice for high-throughput, critical database applications on OpenVMS.

More information
» Statement of Direction—Oracle Rdb
» Technical information
» Product Compatibility Matrix
» Get news and announcements sent to you directly from the Oracle Rdb Engineering Group
» Tell your customers about free Oracle Rdb Technical Forums
» More about Oracle Rdb Suite (and CODASYL DBMS), including product collateral and technical, training, and support information

Oracle Server

AlphaServer system ready

Oracle Server is the world's leading enterprise database. It supports numerous environments—including grid computing environments—manages all standard relational data types, and seamlessly integrates information from multiple databases using distributed queries and transactions.

Oracle Server is optimized to handle the high-volume, query-intensive applications that run on HP OpenVMS. Online transaction processing and data warehousing solutions, for example, benefit from combining the fault-tolerant design and high availability of OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems with the power and flexibility of Oracle Server. Together, these products significantly reduce infrastructure costs and increase operational efficiency.

More information
» Statement of Direction - Oracle for OpenVMS (August, 2007)
» Statement of Direction—Oracle9iAS for OpenVMS (October 2002)
» Technical information
» More about Oracle Server

Technical information

The following links provide technical information about Oracle database solutions on OpenVMS.

Oracle Rdb
» OpenVMS Technical Journal article
» Oracle Rdb technical documentation set
» JCC LogMiner Loader

Oracle Server
» Installation and configuration on single node
» Installation and configuration on two nodes
» Migrating from Oracle9i OPS to Oracle9i RAC
» Server certifications

Oracle knowledge base
» OpenVMS Technical Journal article on Legato's heterogeneous backup solution
» Oracle Questions Archive
» Oracle Discussion Forum (OTN password required)
» HP Services Patches

Training and events

Click the following links for more information about Oracle events.

» Oracle events
» Oracle World 2004 Failover Presentation

Company contact

Oracle Corporation
500 Oracle Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA 94065
United States
Tel: +1 (650) 506 7000
Fax: +1 (650) 506 7200
» Oracle Web site