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Ask the Wizard Questions

Authorize: Merge 2 SYSUAF

The Question is:

How do I copy users from a VAX 6640 cluster running VMS
v5.5-4 to an alpha cluster running VMS 6.2.

The uaf file on the alpha has already been modify
for a number of current layered products and some users.

If I copy the uaf file from the 6640 cluster I may have to
re install all the layered products.

Is there a way I can migrate the users from the old cluster to the new cluster.

The Answer is:

      There is currently no *supported* way to copy individual users from
    one UAF to another (that I'm aware of). However, a UAF file is really
    just another RMS file, so it is possible to transfer records, even
    from DCL. For example:

    $ READ/KEY="" olduaf RECORD
    $ WRITE newuaf RECORD

    Now you need to make sure all the references are correct, and create
    an identifier for the user:


    $ CREATE/DIRECTORY/OWNER= disk:[username]

    Be careful that you're not duplicating UICs.

    With a bit of research, you can use the MERGE command to combine
    2 UAFs and 2 RIGHTSLISTs. Make sure you've checked out any duplicate
    usernames and UICs. You will probably need to REMOVE records from
    one of the files before the MERGE.

    This is not supported, but there's no technical reason it shouldn't

    Provided you just want to add records from one sysuaf to another, you
    can simply

    $ set default sys$manager
    $ copy sys$system:sysuaf.dat sysuaf.dat	! make a local copy
    $ copy other_nodes_sysuaf.dat other.dat	! get other uaf
    $ merge other.dat sysuaf.dat/index/overlay	! merge files
    $ define sysuaf sys$manager:sysuaf.dat	! use local file
    $ mc authorize list

    Now analyze the resulting file before copying it to sys$system.

    Merge will not copy records that already exist in the output file:

    	-RMS-F-DUP, duplicate key detected (DUP not set)

    but there may be other problems (device names, possible UIC conflicts)
    that need attention.

   How one merges UAF files is documented in the cluster manual.