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Using GETSYI to get hardware status

Q: How can I get the CPU temperature in a Alphaserver 4100 5/300? This information is displayed when the system is rebooted only? Can I get this information by a system service or lexical function?

A: In V7.1-1H1, four new GETSYI item codes were added to obtain power, fan, and thermal over-temperature status, plus ambient temperature.The GETSYI system service provides a system-independant interface, while the actual code is implemented in the system-specific loadable execlet.

The primary purpose of these new GETSYI item coded is for use with the ServerWork console and the Server System MIB.This is documented in the V7.1-1H1 Release Notes.This is the only supported use for these new item codes.

Each item code returns a 16-byte value, each byte representing the status of each instance:

  • 0x01 = good
  • 0x00 = bad
  • 0xFF = not present

If SYI$_POWER_VECTOR returns FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF01FF00, you can determine that:

  • Power Supply #0 is bad,
  • Power Supply #1 is not present,
  • Power Supply #2 is good,
  • Power Supply #3-#15 is not present

The status encoding is similar for all four item code, except for temperature, where each byte represents the value in degrees Celsius.

Not all systems contain hardware for all item codes!Not all systems provide support for the new item codes.Currently the only systems that provide support for some of these item codes are the AlphaServer 4000/4100/1200, AlphaServer 1000A, and AlphaServer 8400.These new item codes remain undocumented and may change in a future release as system management hardware evolves.

Attached is a small *** UNSUPPORTED *** C program which displays the values for the new item codes, if they are available.Note that the DCL F$GETSYI does not recognize these new item codes since V7.1-1H1 was a partial build and DCL.EXE was not re-built.GETSYI will return SS$_NOTLOADED if support for the new item codes is not implemented.

Again, the only supported way to view these values is through the ServerWorks console running on a remote PC.See V7.1-1H1 release notes.