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Student research

Invariably, your professor/instructor/teacher will ask you a series of questions. Most commonly, the questions will request descriptions of one or more of the following items, and at varying levels of detail:

  • process scheduling algorithm(s)
  • Interprocess comunications
  • Process or system synchronization constructs
  • Memory management and/or virtual memory implementation
  • File structures
  • Resource management
  • History of HP OpenVMS
  • History of HP, Compaq and/or of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

First, please realize that this research project has little to do with these specific subject areas, the purpose is to LEARN, and specifically to learn how to research questions, and to learn how to compare and contrast. Please also realize that the level of detail required for the answers to the typical scholastic research project can and do vary widely, so no generic answers are possible.

As for specific answers, details on process scheduling, memory management, a subset of interprocess communications mechanisms, and synchronization techniques are available in the OpenVMS Internals and Data Structures Manual (IDSM). The IDSM is one of the OpenVMS technical books that are available from the Elsevier Digital Press imprint.

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Details on process and system synchronization and resource management techniques are also covered in the Alpha Architecture Reference Manual (Alpha microprocessor documentation), in the OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual (OpenVMS documentation set), in the Writing OpenVMS Device Drivers in C manual (Elsevier Digital Press) and in the Ask The Wizard area topics (1661), (2681) and similar -- please see the pointers to each of these resources that are included in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

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Pointers to various OpenVMS historical information, tutorials, manuals, training, and similar materials are all referenced in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

You are strongly encouraged to visit and avail yourself of your local computing services center or your local corporate library, and to visit the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), the OpenVMS website, and the associated/referenced resources.

The OpenVMS Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) is available via the HP OpenVMS website.

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For historical information, you might want to look at the OpenVMS 20th Anniversary information.

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For current and historical product information, you might want to look at the HP Product Bulletin information, and the links to the older DIGITAL Systems and Options Catalog (SOC) information that is available via the HP Product Bulletin site.

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The Software Product Description (SPD) documents for various HP Software products have both introductory and technical information, including the information within the OpenVMS SPD itself.

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