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Ask the Wizard Questions

TXdriver port occasionally stalls

The Question is:

How do you reset a tx driver shy of a vms reboot. Every once in a while it stops receiving. A reply message sent to it works. tnx greg

Also is there a patch for the comm driver to support 14400 baud

The Answer is:

Lets take the easy part of this first. None of the UARTS supported by OpenVMS have a 14400 speed in the list of known speeds. For modems that work at 14400 you should set the line to 19.2K baud. If you have a DHQ11 that will accept a 38.4K then you can try running the line at 38.4K. Not all the DHV/DHQ style controllers will work at 38.4K. Also if you run at 38.4K you will have to have the alternate type-ahead buffer enabled, and the size should be about 900 characters.

The other half of this is much harder, you do not state what kind of controller is being used. The TX designaition is used for several drivers and easily 12 different terminal controllers built by Digital and any number of third party look alikes. We need to know a bit more about the line when it gets stuck. They type of controller, an output from show terminal when it is stuck would be helpful. Also the following information from SDA is helpful.

    	sda> set output tt_capture.txt
    	sda> read sys$system:sysdef
    	sda> read sys$system:sys
    	sda> show dev tx??
    		.	Lots of output here
    	sda> format ucb
    		.	even more data
    	sda> exit

One thing that you can try is to see if somehow the type ahead characteristic got changed, or if secure server got set for the line.