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Ask the Wizard Questions

Linker becomes slow linking shareable image

The Question is:

I have a strange problem.
We have a set of Libraries (OLBs) that are to create a shareable image.
We have the link script which is something like this,
We are doing this on a DEC ALpha VMS ver 6.1

link /trace/exe=x.exe/share/map=x.map sys$input:/opt

Please NOTE THAT A.olb and B.olb contain Only C++ OBJECT Modules

When we run this link script to create a image , After a few seconds linking seems to hang ,making the SYSTEM response utterly slow.

Now if we create a executeable image instead of a shareable image (ie /share is not present) with the same set of libraries the above problem is never faced.

Please suggest a solution to this problem. Are there any work arounds.?

Thanks in advance

The Answer is:

From an interactive session, use the control-T function to display the process activity. I doubt that the link is hung. Rather it is probably doing lots of I/O, specifically file opens and closes. To minimize the impact on other processes, consider using a batch queue with a low priority.

It seems to me that I recall something about the linker and the way it parses filenames. Something about a recursive algorithm. It might have had something to do with search lists.