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64-bit virtual addressing
    system services support
Aborting a transaction
Absolute time
    as input to $BINTIM
    as input to $BINUTC
    converting to numeric
Access modes
    changing to executive #1
    changing to executive #2
    changing to kernel #1
    changing to kernel #2
Access protection
Accounting messages
    format of
ACLs (access control lists)
Add branch failure
Add RM participant #1
Add RM participant #2
Add transaction branch #1
Add transaction branch #2
Adding holder records to rights database
Adding identifiers to rights database
Address space
    creating virtual
Alignment fault data
    getting for system process
    getting for user image
Alignment fault reporting
    disabling for user image
    disabling for user process
    enabling for user process
    initializing for system process
    starting for user image
Allocation classes
Arithmetic exceptions
    getting information about
ASCII character set
    converting strings to binary
    converting strings to UTC
ASCII output
    formatting character string
    an I/O channel
ASTLM (AST limit) quota
    effect of canceling wakeup on
ASTs (asynchronous system traps)
    setting for power recovery
    setting timer for
Audit event messages
Auditing events #1
Auditing events #2
Automatic unshelving
Binary time
    converting to ASCII string
    converting to numeric time #1
    converting to numeric time #2
Binary values
    converting to ASCII string
Branch removal
Buffer objects
BYTLM quota
    using with $GETJPI buffers
Caching attribute
Call frames
    removing from stack
Call stacks
    unwinding #1
    unwinding #2
    exit handlers
    I/O requests
    timer requests
    wakeup requests
Case sensitivity
    $GETJPI service
Change-mode handlers
Change transaction state #1
Change transaction state #2
    canceling I/O
Class scheduler
Clear transaction #1
Clear transaction #2
Clearing an event flag
Cluster-aware services
Cluster events
    clearing request for notification of
    requesting notification of
Common event flag clusters
Compatibility mode handlers
Control region
    adding page to
    deleting page from
    64-bit system time to UTC time
    ASCII string to binary time
    ASCII string to UTC format
    audit event message
    binary time to ASCII string
    binary time to numeric time
    UTC format to ASCII
    UTC time to numeric time
CPU affinity set
CPU user capability set
    disk file sections
    logical name tables
    logical names
    rights databases
    user profiles
    virtual address space
$CRETVA system service
    See also $EXPREG system service
Deallocating devices
Deassigning an I/O channel
DECdns (Digital Distributed Name Service)
    converting names #1
    converting names #2
    converting names #3
    converting names #4
    creating objects
    deleting objects
    enumerating objects
DECdtm system services
    XA resource manager
DECdtm TM #1
DECdtm TM #2
DECdtm TM #3
Declaring an AST (asynchronous system trap)
Default directories
Default file protection
Default form
Delete RM
Delete RMI #1
Delete RMI #2
    DECdns objects
    event flag clusters
    global sections
    intrusion records
    logical names
    virtual address space
Delta time
    as input to $BINTIM
    converting to numeric
Dequeuing lock requests
Detached processes
Device characteristics
    set and wait
Device paths
    scan for
    getting information asynchronously
    getting information synchronously
    lock name
    scanning of across the cluster
Disk file sections
    mapping #1
    mapping #2
    initializing within a program
Dismounting a volume
Equivalence names
Error logger
    sending message to
    Transaction Started
Event flag clusters
    associating with a process
    getting current status
Event flags
    getting current status
    waiting for entire set of
    waiting for one of set
    waiting for setting of
    auditing #1
    auditing #2
Exception vectors
Executive mode
    changing to #1
    changing to #2
Exit handlers
    control block
$EXIT system service
    issuing for specified process
Expanding program/control region
Extended File Specifications
    $CREPRC service
    $CVT_FILENAME service
    F$GETJPI service
    $SETDDIR service
$FAO system service directives
    format of
    table of
File specifications
    parsing components of
    searching string for
    getting information asynchronously
    getting information synchronously
Floating point
$FORCEX system service
    See also $DELPRC and $EXIT
Forcing an exit
    ACL entry
    security audit messages
    getting information asynchronously
    getting information synchronously
Full names
    converting to string
Global demand-zero section
    creating and mapping to
Global disk file section
    creating and mapping
Global page file
Global page file section
    creating and mapping
Global page frame section
    creating and mapping
Global section file
    updating on disk (asynchronously)
    updating on disk (synchronously)
Global sections
    mapping #1
    mapping #2
    mapping #3
Holder records
    adding to rights database
    modifying in rights database
    removing from rights database
Holders of an identifier
    checking availability of
I/O channels
I/O devices
    getting information asynchronously
    getting information synchronously
I/O requests
    queuing asynchronously
    queuing synchronously
Identifier names
    translating to identifier
    adding record to rights list
    modifying in rights database
    removing from rights database
    revoking from process
    translating value to identifier name
IEEE floating-point control register
Image exit
Image rundown
    a volume within a program
Intrusion records
    returning information about
    scanning for
Job controllers
    getting information asynchronously #1
    getting information asynchronously #2
    getting information synchronously #1
    getting information synchronously #2
Kernel mode
    changing to #1
    changing to #2
Lock database
    in an OpenVMS Cluster
Lock requests
    queuing asynchronously
    queuing synchronously
    getting information asynchronously
    getting information synchronously
Logical name tables
Logical names
    getting information about
Magnetic tapes
    initializing within a program
    assigning channel to
    deleting permanent #1
    deleting permanent #2
    deleting temporary
Mapping disk file sections
MAXBUF system parameter #1
MAXBUF system parameter #2
MAXBUF system parameter #3
    locking page into
    unlocking page from
    unlocking pages from
Message symbols
    converting security message from binary to ASCII
    filtering sensitive information
    formatting and outputting
    obtaining text of
    sending to error logger
    sending to one or more terminals #1
    sending to one or more terminals #2
    sending to operator
    writing to terminal #1
    writing to terminal #2
Notification ASTs
    testing functionality of
Obsolete system services
One-phase commit
Opaque names
    converting to string
    sending messages to
Oracle Rdb
Page frame sections
Page protection
    locking into memory
    locking into working set
    removing from working set
    setting protection
    unlocking from memory
    unlocking from working set
    returning hash value
    assuming #1
    assuming #2
    creating #1
    creating #2
    creating an extension
    delegating to a server process
    deleting an extension
    finding with characteristics
    querying for data
    reserving a slot in the persona table
    setting attribute values
    translating an extension name to an ID
PID numbers
    using with $GETJPI to return information about a process
Power recovery
    setting AST for
Priority setting
Private disk file section
    create and map
Private page frame
    create and map
    setting for process
Process identification numbers
    See PID numbers
Process names
    specifying processes by
    specifying processes with node name
Process scan
Process scheduling
Process user capability set
    affecting scheduling of
    avoiding preemption #1
    avoiding preemption #2
    getting information asynchronously
    getting information synchronously
    locating a subset of
    resuming after suspension
    scheduling wakeup for
    setting default protection for
    setting name of
    setting priority of
    setting privileges
    setting stack limits
    setting swap mode for
    waiting for entire set of event flags
    waiting for event flag to be set
    waiting for one of set of event flags
    writing messages to
Program regions
    adding page to
    deleting page from
    of queues
    setting for page
    modifying #1
    modifying #2
    creating and managing asynchronously
    creating and managing synchronously
    getting information asynchronously
    getting information synchronously
    types of #1
    types of #2
    resource wait mode
    SS$_EXQUOTA condition value
    creating virtual
Remove RM #1
Remove RM #2
Resource Affinity Domains (RADs) support #1
Resource Affinity Domains (RADs) support #2
Resource Affinity Domains (RADs) support #3
Resource Affinity Domains (RADs) support #4
Resource Affinity Domains (RADs) support #5
Resource Affinity Domains (RADs) support #6
Resource Manager Instance
    See RMI
Resource Manager participant
    See RM participant
Resource wait mode
Rights database context
Rights databases
    creation #1
    creation #2
    declaration #1
    declaration #2
    remove #1
    remove #2
RM participant #1
RM participant #2
RM participant #3
RM participant #4
RM participant #5
RM participant #6
RM participant #7
RM participant #8
RM participant #9
    for devices
    intrusion database
Section files
    updating asynchronously
    updating synchronously
    deleting global
    writing modifications to disk #1
    writing modifications to disk #2
    auditing events #1
    auditing events #2
    checking privileges #1
    checking privileges #2
    converting message from binary to ASCII
    filtering sensitive message information
    getting erase patterns
    hashing passwords
    modifying characteristics of an object
    retrieving information about objects
Security characteristics
    modifying for an object
    retrieving for an object
Sending a message to one or more terminals #1
Sending a message to one or more terminals #2
Set transaction #1
Set transaction #2
Setting the resource wait mode
Simple names
    converting to opaque
Stack limit
    changing size of
Stack pointer
    formatting output
    searching for file specification in
SYS$ABORT_TRANS system service
SYS$ABORT_TRANSW system service
SYS$ACK_EVENT system service
SYS$ACM system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$ACMW system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$ACQUIRE_GALAXY_LOCK system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$ADD_BRANCH system service
SYS$ADD_BRANCHW system service
SYS$ADD_HOLDER system service
SYS$ADD_IDENT system service
SYS$ADD_PROXY system service
SYS$ADJSTK system service
SYS$ADJWSL system service
SYS$ALLOC system service
SYS$ASCEFC system service
SYS$ASCTIM system service
SYS$ASCTOID system service
SYS$ASCUTC system service
SYS$ASSIGN system service
SYS$AUDIT_EVENT system service
SYS$AUDIT_EVENTW system service
SYS$AVOID_PREEMPT system service
SYS$BINTIM system service
SYS$BINUTC system service
SYS$BRKTHRU system service
SYS$BRKTHRUW system service
SYS$CANCEL system service
SYS$CANEXH system service
SYS$CANTIM system service
SYS$CANWAK system service
SYS$CHECK_ACCESS system service
SYS$CHECK_FEN system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$CHECK_PRIVILEGE system service
SYS$CHKPRO system service
SYS$CLEAR_SYSTEM_EVENT system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$CLRAST system service
SYS$CLRCLUEVT system service
SYS$CLREF system service
SYS$CMEXEC system service
SYS$CMEXEC_64 system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$CMKRNL system service
SYS$CMKRNL_64 system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$CPU_TRANSITION system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$CPU_TRANSITIONW system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$CREATE_GALAXY_LOCK system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$CREATE_GALAXY_LOCK_TABLE system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$CREATE_RDB system service
SYS$CREATE_UID system service
SYS$CRELNM system service
SYS$CRELNT system service
SYS$CREMBX system service
SYS$CREPRC system service
SYS$CRETVA system service
    See also SYS$EXPREG system service
SYS$CRMPSC system service
SYS$CVT_FILENAME system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$DACEFC system service
SYS$DALLOC system service
SYS$DASSGN system service
SYS$DCLAST system service
SYS$DCLCMH system service
SYS$DCLEXH system service
SYS$DECLARE_RM system service
SYS$DECLARE_RMW system service
SYS$DELETE_GALAXY_LOCK system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$DELETE_GALAXY_LOCK_TABLE system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$DELETE_PROXY system service
SYS$DELLNM system service
SYS$DELMBX system service
SYS$DELPRC system service
SYS$DELTVA system service
SYS$DEQ system service
SYS$DEVICE_PATH_SCAN system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$DEVICE_SCAN system service
SYS$DGBLSC system service
SYS$DISMOU system service
SYS$DISPLAY_PROXY system service
SYS$DLCEFC system service
SYS$DNS system service
    on VAX systems only
SYS$DNSW system service (VAX Only)
SYS$END_BRANCH system service
SYS$END_BRANCHW system service
SYS$END_TRANS system service
SYS$END_TRANSW system service
SYS$ENQ system service
SYS$ENQW system service
SYS$ERAPAT system service
SYS$EXIT system service
    issuing for specified process
SYS$EXPREG system service
SYS$FAO system service
SYS$FAOL system service
SYS$FILESCAN system service
SYS$FIND_HELD system service
SYS$FIND_HOLDER system service
SYS$FINISH_RDB system service
SYS$FORCEX system service
    See also SYS$DELPRC system service
    See also SYS$EXIT system service
SYS$FORGET_RM system service
SYS$FORGET_RMW system service
SYS$FORMAT_ACL system service
SYS$FORMAT_AUDIT system service
SYS$GETDTI system service #1
SYS$GETDTI system service #2
SYS$GETDVI system service
SYS$GETDVIW system service
SYS$GETENV system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$GETJPI system service
SYS$GETJPIW system service
SYS$GETLKI system service
SYS$GETLKIW system service
SYS$GETMSG system service
SYS$GETQUI system service
SYS$GETQUIW system service
SYS$GETRMI system service
SYS$GETSYI system service
SYS$GETSYIW system service
SYS$GETTIM system service
SYS$GETUAI system service
SYS$GETUTC system service
SYS$GET_ALIGN_FAULT_DATA system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$GET_ARITH_EXCEPTION system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$GET_DEFAULT_TRANS system service
SYS$GET_GALAXY_LOCK_INFO system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$GET_GALAXY_LOCK_SIZE system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$GET_SECURITY system service
SYS$GET_SYS_ALIGN_FAULT_DATA system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$GOTO_UNWIND system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$GOTO_UNWIND_64 system service
SYS$GRANTID system service
SYS$HASH_PASSWORD system service
SYS$HIBER system service
SYS$ICC_ACCEPT system service
SYS$ICC_CLOSE_ASSOC system service
SYS$ICC_CONNECT system service
SYS$ICC_CONNECTW system service
SYS$ICC_DISCONNECT system service
SYS$ICC_DISCONNECTW system service
SYS$ICC_OPEN_ASSOC system service
SYS$ICC_RECEIVE system service
SYS$ICC_RECEIVEW system service
SYS$ICC_REJECT system service
SYS$ICC_REPLY system service
SYS$ICC_REPLYW system service
SYS$ICC_TRANSCEIVE system service
SYS$ICC_TRANSCEIVEW system service
SYS$ICC_TRANSMIT system service
SYS$ICC_TRANSMITW system service
SYS$IDTOASC system service
SYS$IEEE_SET_FP_CONTROL system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$INIT_SYS_ALIGN_FAULT_REPORT system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$INIT_VOL system service
SYS$IO_FASTPATH system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$IO_FASTPATHW system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$JOIN_RM system service
SYS$JOIN_RMW system service
SYS$LCKPAG system service
SYS$LKWSET system service
SYS$MGBLSC system service
SYS$MOD_HOLDER system service
SYS$MOD_IDENT system service
SYS$MOUNT system service
SYS$MTACCESS system service
SYS$NUMTIM system service
SYS$PARSE_ACL system service
SYS$PERM_DIS_ALIGN_FAULT_REPORT system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERM_REPORT_ALIGN_FAULT system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_ASSUME system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_ASSUME system service (VAX Only)
SYS$PERSONA_CLONE system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_CREATE system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_CREATE system service (VAX Only)
SYS$PERSONA_DELEGATE system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_DELETE system service
SYS$PERSONA_DELETE_EXTENSION system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_EXTENSION_LOOKUP system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_FIND system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_MODIFY system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_QUERY system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PERSONA_RESERVE system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$PROCESS_SCAN system service
SYS$PURGWS system service
    See also SYS$ADJWSL system service
SYS$PUTMSG system service
SYS$QIO system service
SYS$QIOW system service
SYS$READEF system service
SYS$REGISTRY system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$REGISTRYW system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$RELEASE_GALAXY_LOCK system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$RELEASE_VP system service (VAX Only)
SYS$REM_HOLDER system service
SYS$REM_IDENT system service
SYS$RESCHED system service
SYS$RESTORE_VP_EXCEPTION system service (VAX Only)
SYS$RESTORE_VP_STATE system service (VAX Only)
SYS$RESUME system service
SYS$REVOKID system service
SYS$RMSRUNDWN system service
SYS$SAVE_VP_EXCEPTION system service (VAX Only)
SYS$SCAN_INTRUSION system service
SYS$SCHDWK system service
SYS$SCHED system service
SYS$SETAST system service
SYS$SETCLUEVT system service
SYS$SETDDIR system service
SYS$SETDFPROT system service
SYS$SETDTI system service
SYS$SETDTIW system service
SYS$SETEF system service
SYS$SETEXV system service
SYS$SETIME system service
SYS$SETIMR system service
SYS$SETPRA system service
SYS$SETPRI system service
SYS$SETPRN system service
SYS$SETPRT system service
SYS$SETPRV system service
SYS$SETRWM system service
SYS$SETSHLV system service
SYS$SETSTK system service
SYS$SETSWM system service
SYS$SETUAI system service
SYS$SET_DEFAULT_TRANS system service
SYS$SET_DEVICE system service
SYS$SET_DEVICEW system service
SYS$SET_PROCESS_PROPERTIESW system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$SET_RETURN_VALUE system service
SYS$SET_SECURITY system service
SYS$SET_SYSTEM_EVENT system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$SHOW_INTRUSION system service
SYS$SIGNAL_ARRAY_64 system service
SYS$SNDERR system service
SYS$SNDJBC system service
SYS$SNDJBCW system service
SYS$SNDOPR system service
SYS$START_ALIGN_FAULT_REPORT system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$START_BRANCH system service
SYS$START_BRANCHW system service
SYS$START_TRANS system service
SYS$START_TRANSW system service
SYS$STOP_ALIGN_FAULT_REPORT system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$STOP_SYS_ALIGN_FAULT_REPORT system service (Alpha Only)
SYS$SUBSYSTEM system service
SYS$SUSPND system service
SYS$SYNCH system service
    using as image to create new processes #1
    using as image to create new processes #2
SYS$TIMCON system service
SYS$TRANS_EVENT system service
SYS$TRANS_EVENTW system service
SYS$TRNLNM system service
SYS$TSTCLUEVT system service
SYS$ULKPAG system service
SYS$ULWSET system service
SYS$UNWIND system service
SYS$UPDSEC system service
SYS$UPDSECW system service
SYS$VERIFY_PROXY system service
SYS$WAITFR system service
SYS$WAKE system service
    See also SYS$HIBER system service
SYS$WFLAND system service
SYS$WFLOR system service
System alignment fault reporting
    disabling for user image
System services
    Abort Transaction #1
    Abort Transaction #2
    Accept (ICC)
    Acknowledge Event
    Acquire Galaxy Lock (Alpha Only)
    Add Branch
    Add Branch and Wait
    Add Holder Record to Rights Database
    Add Identifier to Rights Database
    Add Proxy
    Adjust Outer Mode Stack Pointer
    Adjust Working Set Limit
    Affect Process Scheduling
    Allocate Device
    Assign I/O Channel
    Associate Common Event Flag Cluster
    Assume Persona (Alpha Only)
    Assume Persona (VAX Only)
    Audit Event #1
    Audit Event #2
    Authentication and Credential Management (Alpha Only) #1
    Authentication and Credential Management (Alpha Only) #2
    Avoid Process Preemption
    Breakthrough #1
    Breakthrough #2
    Cancel Exit Handler
    Cancel I/O on Channel
    Cancel Timer
    Cancel Wakeup
    Change to Executive Mode
        with quadword argument list (Alpha Only)
    Change to Kernel Mode
        with quadword argument list (Alpha Only)
    Check Access
    Check Access Protection
    Check Floating Point (Alpha Only)
    Check Privilege #1
    Check Privilege #2
    checking completion status of
    Clean Up Fast I/O (Alpha Only)
    Clear Cluster Event
    Clear Event Flag
    Clear System Event (Alpha Only)
    Clone Persona (Alpha Only)
    Close association (ICC)
    Connect (ICC) #1
    Connect (ICC) #2
    Control Fast Path Devices (Alpha Only) #1
    Control Fast Path Devices (Alpha Only) #2
    Convert ASCII String to Binary Time
    Convert ASCII String to UTC Binary Time
    Convert Binary Time to ASCII String
    Convert Binary Time to Numeric Time
    Convert UTC Time to Numeric Components
    Convert UTC to ASCII
    Converts String (Alpha Only)
    CPU Transition (Alpha Only)
    CPU Transition and Wait (Alpha Only)
    Create and Map a Global Disk File Section (Alpha Only)
    Create and Map Global Page File Section (Alpha Only)
    Create and Map Global Page Frame Section (Alpha Only)
    Create and Map Private Disk File Section (Alpha Only)
    Create and Map Private Page Frame Section (Alpha Only)
    Create and Map Section
    Create and Map to Global Demand-Zero Section (Alpha Only)
    Create Buffer Object (Alpha Only)
    Create Galaxy Lock (Alpha Only)
    Create Galaxy Lock Table (Alpha Only)
    Create Logical Name
    Create Logical Name Table
    Create Mailbox and Assign Channel
    Create Permanent Global Demand-Zero Section (Alpha Only)
    Create Permanent Global Disk File Section (Alpha Only)
    Create Permanent Global Page File Section (Alpha Only)
    Create Permanent Global Page Frame Section (Alpha Only)
    Create Persona (Alpha Only)
    Create Persona Extension
    Create Persona (VAX Only)
    Create Process
    Create Rights Database
    Create UID
    Create User Profile
    Create Virtual Address Space
    Create Virtual Address Space (Alpha Only)
    Create Virtual Region (Alpha Only)
    Deallocate Device
    Deassign I/O Channel
    Declare AST
    Declare Change Mode or Compatibility Mode Handler
    Declare Exit Handler
    Declare Resource Manager
    Declare Resource Manager and Wait
    Delegate Persona to a Server Process (Alpha Only)
    Delete a Virtual Region (Alpha Only)
    Delete Buffer Object (Alpha Only)
    Delete Common Event Flag Cluster
    Delete Galaxy Lock (Alpha Only)
    Delete Galaxy Lock Table (Alpha Only)
    Delete Global Section
    Delete Intrusion Records
    Delete Logical Name
    Delete Mailbox
    Delete or Modify Proxy
    Delete Persona
    Delete Persona Extension (Alpha Only)
    Delete Process
    Delete Virtual Address Space
    Delete Virtual Address Space (Alpha Only)
    Dequeue Lock Request
    Disable Alignment Fault Reporting (Alpha Only)
    Disassociate Common Event Flag Cluster
    Disconnect (ICC) #1
    Disconnect (ICC) #2
    Dismount Volume
    Display Proxy Information
    Distributed Name Service (DNS) Clerk (VAX Only)
    Distributed Name Service (DNS) Clerk (VAX only)
    End Branch
    End Branch and Wait
    End Transaction #1
    End Transaction #2
    Enqueue Lock Request #1
    Enqueue Lock Request #2
    Expand Program/Control Region
    Expand Virtual Address Space (Alpha Only)
    Find Holder of Identifier
    Find Identifiers Held by User
    Find Persona (Alpha Only)
    Force Exit
    Forget Resource Manager
    Forget Resource Manager and Wait
    Format Access Control List Entry
    Format Security Audit Event Message
    Formatted ASCI Output with List Parameter for 64-Bit Memory (Alpha Only)
    Formatted ASCII Output Services
    Get Alignment Fault Data (Alpha Only)
    Get Arithmetic Exception Information (Alpha Only)
    Get Default Transaction
    Get Device/Volume Information #1
    Get Device/Volume Information #2
    Get Distributed Transaction Information
    Get Distributed Transaction Information and Wait
    Get Environment (Alpha Only)
    Get Galaxy Lock Information (Alpha Only)
    Get Galaxy Lock Size (Alpha Only)
    Get Information About a Specified Virtual Region (Alpha Only)
    Get Job/Process Information #1
    Get Job/Process Information #2
    Get Lock Information #1
    Get Lock Information #2
    Get Message
    Get Queue Information #1
    Get Queue Information #2
    Get Resource Monitor Information
    Get Security Characteristics
    Get Security Erase Pattern
    Get System Alignment Fault Data (Alpha Only)
    Get Systemwide Information #1
    Get Systemwide Information #2
    Get Time
    Get User Authorization Information
    Get UTC Time
    Grant Identifier to Process
    Hash Password
    Initialize System Alignment Fault Reporting (Alpha Only)
    Initialize Volume
    Join Resource Manager
    Join Resource Manager and Wait
    Lock Pages in Memory
    Lock Pages in Memory (Alpha Only)
    Lock Pages in Working Set
    Lock Pages in Working Set (Alpha Only)
    Magnetic Tape Accessibility
    Map Global Page Frame Section (Alpha Only)
    Map Global Section
    Map to Global Section (Alpha Only)
    Modify CPU User Capabilities (Alpha Only)
    Modify Holder Record in Rights Database
    Modify Identifier in Rights Database
    Modify Persona Data (Alpha Only)
    Modify Process Affinity (Alpha Only)
    Modify Process Implicit Affinity (Alpha Only)
    Modify Process User Capabilities (Alpha Only)
    Mount Volume
    Open Association (ICC)
    Parse Access Control List Entry
    Perform Fast I/O (Alpha Only)
    Perform Fast I/O and Wait (Alpha Only)
    Process Scan
    Purge Working Set
    Purge Working Set (Alpha Only)
    Put Message
    Query for Persona Data (Alpha Only)
    Queue I/O Request
    Queue I/O Request and Wait
    Read Event Flags
    Receive data (ICC) #1
    Receive data (ICC) #2
    Registry Database Interface (Alpha Only)
    Registry Database Interface and Wait (Alpha Only)
    Reject (ICC)
    Release a Reserved User Capability (Alpha Only)
    Release Galaxy Lock (Alpha Only)
    Release Vector Processor (VAX Only)
    Remove Holder Record from Rights Database
    Remove Identifier from Rights Database
    Reply (ICC) #1
    Reply (ICC) #2
    Report Alignment Fault (Alpha Only)
    Reschedule Process
    Reserve a User Capability (Alpha Only)
    Reserve Persona Slot (Alpha Only)
    Restore Vector Processor Exception State (VAX Only)
    Restore Vector State (VAX Only)
    Resume Process
    Revoke Identifier from Process
    RMS Rundown
    Save Vector Processor Exception State (VAX Only)
    Scan for Device Paths (Alpha Only)
    Scan for Devices
    Scan Intrusion Database
    Scan String for File Specification
    Schedule Wakeup
    Send Message to Error Logger
    Send Message to Operator
    Send to Job Controller #1
    Send to Job Controller #2
    Set AST Enable
    Set Automatic Unshelving
    Set Cluster Event
    Set Default Directory
    Set Default File Protection
    Set Default Transaction
    Set Default Transaction and Wait
    Set Device Characteristics
    Set Device Characteristics and Wait
    Set Distributed Transaction Information
    Set Distributed Transaction Information and Wait
    Set Event Flag
    Set Exception Vector
    Set IEEE Floating-Point Control Register (Alpha Only)
    Set Power Recovery AST
    Set Priority
    Set Privileges
    Set Process Name
    Set Process Swap Mode
    Set Protection on Pages
    Set Protection on Pages (Alpha Only)
    Set Resource Domain
    Set Resource Wait Mode
    set return value
    Set Security
    Set Stack Limits
    Set System Event (Alpha Only)
    Set System Time
    Set Timer
    Set Up Fast I/O (Alpha Only)
    Set User Authorization Information
    Sets Simple Value (Alpha Only)
    Setup for Process Preemption Avoidance
    Show Intrusion Information
    Signal Array
    Start Alignment Fault Reporting (Alpha Only)
    Start Branch
    Start Branch and Wait
    Start Transaction #1
    Start Transaction #2
    Stop Alignment Fault Reporting (Alpha Only)
    Stop System Alignment Fault Reporting (Alpha Only)
    Suspend Process
    Terminate Rights Database Context
    Test Cluster Event
    Time Converter
    Transaction Event
    Transaction Event and Wait
    Transceive data (ICC) #1
    Transceive data (ICC) #2
    Translate an Extension Name to an ID (Alpha Only)
    Translate Identifier Name to Identifier
    Translate Identifier to Identifier Name
    Translate Logical Name
    Transmit data (ICC) #1
    Transmit data (ICC) #2
    Unlock Pages from Memory
    Unlock Pages from Memory (Alpha Only)
    Unlock Pages from Working Set
    Unlock Pages from Working Set (Alpha Only)
    Unwind Call Stack #1
    Unwind Call Stack #2
    Unwind Call Stack (Alpha Only)
    Update Global Section File on Disk (Alpha Only) #1
    Update Global Section File on Disk (Alpha Only) #2
    Update Section File on Disk #1
    Update Section File on Disk #2
    Verify Proxy
    Wait for Logical AND of Event Flags
    Wait for Logical OR of Event Flags
    Wait for Single Event Flag
    Wake Process from Hibernation
System time
    converting 64-bit time to UTC time
    getting information asynchronously
    getting information synchronously
    initializing within a program
Termination messages
    format of
    converting 64-bit system format to UTC
    converting binary to ASCII string
    converting binary to numeric
    converting UTC to 64-bit system format
    converting UTC to ASCII
    converting UTC to numeric components
    getting current system
    setting system
Timer requests
TQELM process limit
    effect of canceling timer request
TQELM (timer queue entry limit)
    See TQELM process limit
    abort #1
    abort #2
    aborting asynchronously
    aborting synchronously
    add branch #1
    add branch #2
    add branch #3
    add branch #4
    add RM participant #1
    add RM participant #2
    branch removal
    change state #1
    change state #2
    clear #1
    clear #2
    committing #1
    committing #2
    ending #1
    ending #2
    ending asynchronously
    ending synchronously
    remove branch #1
    remove branch #2
    remove RM #1
    remove RM #2
    set #1
    set #2
    set process
    starting asynchronously
    starting synchronously
    state #1
    state #2
Transaction Started Event
Translating identifier name to identifier
UAFs (user authorization files)
    getting information about
UID creation
Unlocking pages from memory #1
Unlocking pages from memory #2
Unlocking pages from the working set #1
Unlocking pages from the working set #2
User capabilities
User profiles
UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
    converting format to ASCII
UTC format
    converting to numeric components
Vector processors
    restoring the exception state of
    saving the exception state of
Vector state
Virtual address space
    adding page to #1
    adding page to #2
    deleting page from
Virtual I/O
    canceling requests for
Virtual region
    getting information about
    getting information asynchronously
    getting information synchronously
    initializing within a program
VTF-7 characters #1
VTF-7 characters #2
VTF-7 characters #3
VTF-7 characters #4
$WAKE system service
    See also $HIBER
Wakeup requests
Wildcard operations
Wildcard searches
    obtaining information about processes
Working set
Working sets
    adjusting limit
    locking page into
    unlocking page from #1
    unlocking page from #2
XA resource manager