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OpenVMS Technical Journal - V13 July 2009

Welcome to V13 of the OpenVMS Technical Journal. It is indeed a great pleasure in bringing this edition of the Technical Journal  to all the VMS enthusiasts around the world. We trust that you will find all the articles informative and useful.

In this version you will find many articles that will interest you, for example,

A White Paper describing how iCAP is configured on OpenVMS HP Integrity servers, addressing various customer scenarios and troubleshooting configuration issues by Abu Sarkar, OpenVMS Engineering, HP.

Additionally in this edition, you'll find these articles :

  • Configuring TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS, Bart Zorn
  • OpenVMS I64 TIE Internals: Emulating Alpha Control Instructions, Tim E. Sneddon, Kednos Enterprises
  • Trouble-shooting iCAP (Instant Capacity) on OpenVMS, Abu Sarkar
  • A Starlet is Born: New Options for VAX and Alpha Hardware Replacement, Camiel Vanderhoeven, Hardware Illusionist
  • The MultiNet Intrusion Prevention System, Jeremy Begg, Managing Director,
    VSM Software Services Pty Ltd.
  • OpenVMS and Perl - a Powerful Match, Bernd Ulmann
  • Performance Management for OpenVMS Systems, Jeff Maffe, Vice President, SightLine Systems Corporation
  • Adding Physical CD support to the SIMH VAX, Michael D. Duffy, Support Engineer, Apple iPhone.

We would appreciate your feedback not only on this issue but the OpenVMS Technical Journal as a whole.

If you would like to submit an article for the next issue please click here. Thank you for your continued support, and a big thanks to all the authors who contributed for this edition.


Table of Contents

OpenVMS Technical Journal - V13
» Entire Journal in PDF format (836 KB)
» Entire Journal in PS format (ZIP 1.73 MB)
OpenVMS Technical Journal V13
Configuring TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS » Abstract » HTML » PDF
OpenVMS I64 TIE Internals: Emulating Alpha Control Instructions » Abstract » HTML » PDF
Trouble-shooting iCAP (Instant Capacity) on OpenVMS » Abstract » HTML » PDF
A Starlet is Born: New Options for VAX and Alpha Hardware Replacement » Abstract » HTML » PDF
The MultiNet Intrusion Prevention System » Abstract » HTML » PDF
OpenVMS and Perl - a Powerful Match » Abstract » HTML » PDF
Performance Management for OpenVMS Systems » Abstract » HTML » PDF
Adding Physical CD support to the SIMH VAX » Abstract » HTML » PDF

Configuring TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS

Article Title: Configuring TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS - » HTML, » PDF

Article Abstract: A technique will be presented to configure TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS for multiple systems in a consistent way, without having to go through all of TCPIP$CONFIG.COM for every system.

Author Bio: I started as an IBM OS/370 PL/I programmer in the 70's. From 1978 I worked on a PDP11 with RSTS/E and since 1985 I work mainly with first VAX/VMS and later OpenVMS.

OpenVMS I64 TIE Internals: Emulating Alpha Control Instructions

Article Title: OpenVMS I64 TIE Internals: Emulating Alpha Control Instructions - » HTML, » PDF

Article Abstract: This article is intended as the first in a series of articles detailing as finely as possible the internals of the Translated Image Environment for OpenVMS I64.

This particular article covers the emulation of Alpha control instructions. It describes both local and non-local jumps as well as emulated and translated branches.

Author Bio: Tim Sneddon is currently employed at Kednos Enterprises, producers of the PL/I compilers for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha and Tru64 UNIX. He has been involved intimately in the development of the AEST and TIE support for PL/I software. He is also the developer/maintainer of Kednos' Language Integration Toolkit.

Prior to Kednos Tim worked for Reynolds & Reynolds Pty. Ltd. as a Systems Programmer.

Trouble-shooting iCAP (Instant Capacity) on OpenVMS

Article Title: Trouble-shooting iCAP (Instant Capacity) on OpenVMS - » HTML, » PDF

Article Abstract: This white paper outlines how HP OpenVMS is embracing the utility pricing solutions like iCAP/TiCAP/GiCAP and provides information on how to address issues in configuring iCAP and dependent products.

The following topics are covered:

  • An introduction to the utility pricing solutions offered from HP
  • Configuration of iCAP and Dependent software on HP Integrity servers
  • Troubleshooting
  • Quick Check
  • ICAP_SERVER does not start on reboot of a partition in a complex
  • iCAP command does not work in a mixed environment due to HP-UX OS upgrade
  • HTTP Error (500 Internal Server Error)

Author Bio: Abu Sarkar- after completion of B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Abu joined HP as a fresher in July, 2005. Worked on various OpenVMS System Management Products like SNMP based web-agents (specially Storage Agent), performance monitoring and analyzing tool ECP (Enterprise Capacity Planner & Analyzer), SMH (System Management Homepage), WBEM based Indication Providers and VM Provider. Currently working as an engineer in gWLM (Global Work Load Manager), iCAP (Instant Capacity) and pursuing his MS in Software Engineering.

A fitness addict, practices SHOTOKAN, likes swimming, plays squash, chess and sudoku, apart from his regular workouts; spends most of his time in office and lives in Bangalore alone, just next to the office campus.

A Starlet is Born: New Options for VAX and Alpha Hardware Replacement

Article Title:   A Starlet is Born: New Options for VAX and Alpha Hardware Replacement-  HTML,  PDF

Article Abstract: Migration Specialties International, has teamed up with a number of partners to deliver its own suite of software-based VAX and Alpha hardware emulators. For this suite of emulators, weve defined an underlying architecture that will allow us to add different emulated systems and options to the suite with an unprecedented degree of flexibility. This article, written by the lead architect, will focus on the internal architecture designed to support these new emulators.

Author Bio: Based in the Netherlands, Camiel Vanderhoeven is a relative newcomer to OpenVMS.  Introduced to the operating system as old as he is in 2003, it has rapidly become the favorite on his list.  So much so, that he set out to write the only open-source AlphaServer emulator capable of running OpenVMS on a laptop, the ES40 Emulator.  Camiel delivered presentations about the ES40 Emulator at the 2008 VMS bootcamp, and at Community Connect Europe. In January 2009, Camiel started his own consulting business around VMS, Camicom SSC, in which capacity he is now developing a series of new VAX and AlphaServer emulators for Migration Specialties International.

Camiel is married to Martha, and they are expecting their first child. Rumors that they are planning to name their child Victoria Madeleine Samantha or Victor Mark Samuel are neither denied nor confirmed.

The MultiNet Intrusion Prevention System

Article Title:  The MultiNet Intrusion Prevention System- » HTML, » PDF

Article Abstract: MultiNet is a TCP/IP network stack for OpenVMS which runs on all OpenVMS hardware platforms. It was initially created by TGV Inc as a VAX/VMS port of the BSD Unix TCP/IP stack, and has for the past 12 years been owned and enhanced by Process Software LLC.

Author Bio: Jeremy Begg is the owner of VSM Software Services Pty Ltd, which he started in 1989. He has been using and maintaining OpenVMS computer systems since 1980 in Education, Government and Commercial/Industrial installations and his experience covers the range of occupations from Operator to Systems Manager and Systems Programmer. At the time of writing, VSM Software Services Pty Ltd provides OpenVMS support to a number of large corporate businesses; operates an OpenVMS-based web hosting and email hosting/filtering service; and supports the Process Software range of products on behalf of their regional distributor.


OpenVMS and Perl - a Powerful Match

Article Title: OpenVMS and Perl- a Powerful Match - » HTML, » PDF

Article Abstract:
The article gives a wealth of examples concerning the use of Perl in an OpenVMS environment. Its purpose is not to give complete recipes to solve specific problems but to show the benefits which can result from using Perl in a VMS shop.

Author Bio:

The author started working with VMS in 1991 and since then uses VMS almost exclusively for everything he does. He collects PDP-11-, VAX- and PDP-11-systems and runs a vintage computer center with a 16 node CI-cluster consisting of many VAX-7000, -6000, -8xx0 etc. Occasionally he still does VMS consulting, but VMS systems are getting rare in Germany.


Performance Management for OpenVMS Systems

Article Title:  Performance Management for OpenVMS Systems - » HTML » PDF

Article Abstract:
HPs OpenVMS platform is typically used to host mission critical applications with stringent service level agreements down time is definitely not an option. SightLine Systems has been supporting VAX and OpenVMS systems for 20 years, and has developed leading edge systems, purpose built for OpenVMS, for performance and capacity planning, to ensure that OpenVMS systems are always running at peak performance.

Author Bio:
Jeff Maffe is currently Vice President of Sales for SightLine Systems. He has spent 20 years in technical sales with companies like Sprint, Telcordia, Adtran and Lucent.


Adding Physical CD support to the SIMH VAX

Article Title: Adding Physical CD support to the SIMH VAX -  HTML, » PDF

Article Abstract:
Many sites could benefit from moving to emulated hardware but cannot justify the expense of established commercial emulators. But open-source solutions often lack some features needed to get the most out of the emulated environment. The author was asked to extend the capabilities of the SIMH open source VAX simulator by allowing direct access of host CD drives.

Author Bio:
Michael Duffy is the author of "Getting Started with OpenVMS" (Digital Press) and has been an OpenVMS proponent for more than 20 years.  Duffy is experienced in Software Engineering, System and Network Management, and Support Management for a variety of platforms.  He is currently employed as a support engineer for the Apple iPhone.


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