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OpenVMS Technical Journal Volume 2


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the second issue of the OpenVMS Technical Journal. The response to this electronic publication has been excellent with over 20,000 views on the web page so far.

I would like to thank the many people that sent their feedback after the first issue. We appreciate your continued support of OpenVMS.


Mark Gorham,
Vice President OpenVMS Systems Division

Sue Skonetski (Editor in chief)

  Welcome to the second issue of the OpenVMS Technical Journal (VTJ). As Mark has stated we have had over 20,000 views on the web site for the previous issue.

This issue has ten articles that I am sure you will find interesting. We are already looking to the future and are planning for an issue focused on HP OpenVMS for Integrity Servers for June 2004, with articles by engineering and some of our partners.

Your feedback is essential to the growth and development of this journal, please take a moment and click on the "send feedback to the editor" we want to hear what you have to say.

Sincere thanks go not only to the authors but to the core team of Joan Winslow, OpenVMS Documentation Manager; Warren Sander, OpenVMS Web Master; and Steve Hoffman, Senior Member of Technical Staff. Special thanks to the writing team who spent many long hours on this journal.

Warm Regards,
Sue Skonetski

HP OpenVMS Technical Journal V2 (July 2003)

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» PDF (4.1 MB)
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Individual Articles

All the HTML versions of the individual articles are viewable with Netscape 3.03B for OpenVMS, Mozilla for OpenVMS, Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera and other browsers on Windows. No Javascript requirements to view
  • A Survey of Cluster Technologies - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

  • Local Area Network Cluster Interconnect Monitoring - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

  • Internet Technologies for OpenVMS - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

  • Configuring TCP/IP for High Availability - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

  • DCPI for OpenVMS a
    Technical Introduction to a "System Microscope"
    - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

  • RMS Performance: Duplicate key chains - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

  • A Customer Case Study of Oracle Rdb Database Consolidation - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

  • Best of the HP Customer Support Center - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

  • Best of Ask the Wizard - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

  • Server-Agnostic Perl/DCL CGI Programming with WASD and OSU - [ » HTML ,  » PDF ]

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